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Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Brendan Griffiths
Battlefield 3, Fallout 3, Far Cry 4, Mass Effect, Skyrim

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Games are great, they really are. They allow us to do things that science, reality and the like are probably never going to allow. It's not just the glory of stabbing dragons in the face, or the elation of winning the world cup that we wish would spice up the real world every now and then though. There are lots of little features in gaming that we take for granted, but would be incredibly helpful in the real world.

Here's seven of the best. Don't forget to let us know some of your own too!

Fast Travel

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Naturally if we're following gaming convention, you will of had to have visited your destination at least once by natural methods first. After that though, being able to pick a destination and then just be there would make life much simpler. Being late for work, or driving across the country for birthdays would no longer mean numb bums in trains, planes and automobiles.

Get on it science!

Pip Boy 3000

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

And what better way to select your fast travel destination than your very own RobCo Pip-Boy 3000. This wrist-mounted personal information processor has been the go-to gadget of the apocalypse in the Fallout series and it's clearly the way to go. Pulling a phone out of your pocket is so last century you know, you savage. It's all about wearable tech nowadays, so would someone kindly get this sorted en masse?

Oh, wait...

Conversation Skip

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

You know how it is. You could be having a discussion with anyone from your better half, friend, boss and so on, but you just want it to end. Gaming is full of guff dialogue, delivered with all the pace and enthusiasm of a dead cow. Life sadly, can be very similar. So imagine being able to see the dialogue lines of a conversation in the air and read ahead and blink to get to the next line while they prattle on. Better yet, just skip the whole thing and get on with your day.

Save Your progress

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Need a do-over after a long day? Wasted your time by watching a rubbish film? Had one too many the night before? Not to worry, you made a save for the previous day and can just hit the reload button and have another crack.

Say no to watching Ryan Gosling mumbling his way through another movie. So no, to slapping that customer. Say no to that round of sambucas at 3am. Or better yet, take the plunge and say yes (not to the Gosling movie though) and just do what the hell you want like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Crash Rewind

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Have you noticed how playing a racing game nowadays without the rewind function is kind of, well, awful? Us too, I've seen what my cavalier attitude to braking does in the upcoming Project Cars and it's going to end badly for me. But, imagine we could rewind any crashes, bumps and scrapes in real life when behind the wheel. Your commute would be the most exciting part of the day, everyone would be riding previously lethal jet-engined motorbikes and nobody would have to pay insurance ever again.

Bottomless Pockets

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

You know what really grinds my gears? RPGs that only allow me to carry so much loot. What's your problem Diablo III and Fallout!? Stop giving me things if I can't carry them all! Item management is not a game! Yes, I need to carry seventeen weapons at all times! Ahem, but yes, in the real world we frequently find ourselves overburdened. Wallets alone struggle under the strain of all the different store cards. Carrying shopping from your weekly shop or Xmas spree can be a real pain. But nothing's worse than going on a hike or to a festival and having your spine compacted by a pack back full of beers, sandwiches, and that pretty rock you found that definitely has a fossil in it (it doesn't).

Simple repairs

Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Broke your vehicle? Pfft, not a problem in games. Just hit it with a wrench or melt it with a blowtorch for a few seconds and you'll be away again in no time.

Does Far Cry 4's Ajay Ghale have to get a tow down to Kwik Fit for an MOT re-evaluation. Or maybe pulled over for dodgy tread on his tires? Like capuchin monkey balls he does. Mind you, he also rides an elephant to work. They can not be fixed with a blowtorch.

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Lemming  Feb. 10, 2015 at 19:03

I'd rather have respawns! Or maybe a new game+ mode where you live again with all the experience from the previous run!

Late  Feb. 10, 2015 at 19:32

Cheat menu:
[x] infinite money
[x] maximum stamina
[x] maximum strength
[x] maximum health
[_] maximum charisma
[_] maximum ammo
[x] unlock all areas
[x] unlock all items
[_] invisibility
[_] bullet time
[x] flight
[_] spawn tank
[_] spawn v-tol
[_] reduce wanted level
[_] zero gravity
[_] god mode

(Didn't need to activate the "maximum charisma" cheat, as I'm already there, natch... ;)

Last edited by Late, Feb. 10, 2015 at 19:34

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