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Top Gun £7.99 @ Play.com [DS Game]

Marius Goubert
DS games, Simulation games, Top Gun
Nintendo DS

Top Gun £7.99 @ Play.com [DS Game] Flight simulators are making something of a come back recently. Not only have we had Tom Clancy’s Hawx being released on 360 and Ps3, but now Nintendo have brought their very own flight simulator onto the DS. So if you like the sound of Top Gun you’ll be interested to know that the game is available from Play.com priced just £7.99! That’s a massive saving given that the next best price from powerplaydirect is £15.49.

So how successful have Nintendo been in bringing a flight sim game screeching ont o the DS?  Well the sad and painful truth is that, if you trust those reviewers over at Gamespot, Top Gun is a complete disaster. In fact when told to lists the games pros all the Gamespot reviewer could come up with was:  ‘the tune which plays over the start menu…’. So that’s certainly a bad indictment, but they weren’t finished there.

Terrible graphics, poor terrain detail, boring and repetitive gameplay, and practically no reference whatsoever to the Top Gun film. The only way you would know this game is based on the film is because you get to choose a film character as your pilot – and if course the tune over the main menu. So after this debacle, it seems that flight sims should stay where they belong: on the PC. Sad as I am to break it to you – as I do love flight sim games – Top Gun might not be wisest addition to your DS collection. But that said it’s got to be better than Hotel for Dogs!

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