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Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

Tom Silkstone
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Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

Ok, so it's been just over a week now since Dead Rising 2 came out, and I for one have been revelling in the zombie carnage and clocking up as many hours as possible in Fortune City, in fact I've already managed to hit the level cap of 50. Now, whilst employing some of the tactics that got me through Dead Rising was a massive benefit, getting to grips with the new combo weapons is something that you'll need to do if you want to survive not only the onset of the undead, but also the pesky psychopaths who stand in your way. Consequently, I thought I'd share with you all a selection of weapons that have the winning combination of gaining you large amounts of PP, taking care of a ridiculous amount of zombies, and lasting a fair while in the blood drenching process. Be warned though, if you're a Dead Rising 2 fan that wants to discover all the combo weapons without any help, you shouldn't read anymore until you've made them all.

10. The Roaring Thunder

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

The Roaring Thunder is really just a downsized, humorous version of the tesla ball. Combining the goblin mask with the battery forms the wacky weapon and dropping it onto a bumbling zombies head'll start to send electricity surging through the unfortunate individual, who'll start to produce orange lightning through the mask's mouth, taking out any other zombies in the immediate vicinity.

9. The Rocket Launcher

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

This seemed like the most obvious matching of two items in Dead Rising 2. Take a simple lead pipe and cram a few fireworks into it and you'll make your very own homemade rocket launcher. It's hilarious when you first see a zombie explode in a shower of coloured sparks and the initial ammo count seems to be tremendous value for money, Unfortunately, it's incredibly inaccurate, but if you fire it into a crowd you're pretty much guaranteed to drop the first wave of zombies.

8. The Blambow

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

The bow and arrow makes for an amusing couple of minutes as you twang off arrows into the undead and whilst strapping dynamite to the arrows would almost certainly prevent them from flying through the air, it's perfectly possible in the universe of Dead Rising 2. Now, provided you manage to embed one of your explosives enhanced arrows into a zombie within a crowd, you'll receive a decent amount of PP, but otherwise it's just a weapon for show.

7. The Super BFG

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

After one particular cutscene I was quite excited about getting my hands on the blast frequency gun. Sadly, it turned out to be as ineffective as the cellophane S that Superman throws from his chest in Superman 2. However, my disappointment quickly subsided when I discovered that you could combine it with the amplifier to form the Super BFG, which produces a shockwave that kills any zombies caught in its path, making it brilliant for clearing an area crawling with zombies.

6. The Paddlesaw

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

In my opinion, the paddlesaw should have been you're default weapon because it's completely absurd, whilst being incredibly entertaining and just plain fun. Chuck'll happily strap a couple of chainsaws to a kayak paddle, following which you can march him into a heavily infested area and then twirl you're new toy around, soaking Chuck in blood whilst leaving a carpet of dismembered body parts in your wake. Sadly, Chuck'll drop the paddlesaw if you try to access another slot in your inventory and it breaks incredibly quickly, which means that unless you've got the right magazine on you or you just want a quick laugh it's probably best to seek out a new weapon.

5. The Tesla Ball

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

On first glance the tesla ball seems like a ridiculous choice of weapon, however once you've used it you'll be wondering why you hadn't grabbed it sooner to rid yourself of a large group of zombies. Once, you've securely taped the battery into the cozy bingo ball cage, you're ready to hurl at the undead's feet, and on impact lighting will arc amongst the crowd, swiftly electrocuting them and rewarding you with a load of PP.

4. The Laser Sword

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

Ahhh the laser sword, Dead Rising 2's answer to a certain classic Jedi weapon of choice. By themselves the Gems are one of the most useless weapons in the game and whilst the flashlight'll knock a zombie to the ground it'll take a couple more hits to ensure their demise. Luckily though if you combine them you'll be treated to the glowing laser sword, which'll let you slice and dice the undead, whilst you laugh and wonder what it'd be like to also have force powers during a zombie apocalypse.

3. The Tenderizers / The Knife Gloves

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

I've put the tenderizers and the knife gloves together because lets face it they're pretty much the same thing and it's unlikely you'll be carrying them around at the same time, you'll either favour one or the other. The knives protruding from the boxing gloves are formidable enough to severe the undead's limbs, whereas the nails you've poked into the MMA gloves will send zombies back to their graves with a single punch.

2. The Spiked Bat

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

Who'd have thought that such a simply invention would've made its way so far up this list. However, there's no denying that embedding a handful of nails into a wooden baseball bat is a useful addition to any zombie hunters arsenal and it just so happens that it's a pretty versatile little weapon.

1. The Defiler

Top Ten Tuesdays: Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons

An axe and a sledgehammer are two ordinary tools that you'd usually find in the garden shed, which certainly have different advantages and weaknesses to being wielded individually when a reanimated corpse is shuffling its way towards you. However, if you tape them together you get Dead Rising 2's best combo weapon; the defiler. It'll destroy a single zombie with one fell swoop, or keep the hordes at bay with a strenuous swing. Best of all, you can use it to smack down psychopaths with relevant ease thanks to its power.

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