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Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Matt Gardner
Most Anticipated For 2014, Top Ten, Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

The stage is set for an absolutely cracking twelve months in 2014. With the trials and tribulations of getting two new consoles out, now we can begin to focus on the games.

And there are some wonderful-looking titles on the horizon. Here are ten games of 2014 that we're most looking forward to...

10. Metal Gear Solid V

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

We're excited to see exactly what it is that Hideo Kojima's been banging on about. The FOX Engine looks outstanding, the prospect of an open-world MGS game is enough  to  have us salivating profusely, and there's horse stealth! We have so many questions that need answering, not least why the game has been split in two, but there's not long to wait for answers now.

9. Destiny

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Bungie making a Halo-meets-Borderlands new IP? SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!

8. Dark Souls II

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

We don't have to tell you why we're excited for Dark Souls II, judging by some of the entries to our Community Poll for Game of the Generation we know that a bunch of you can't wait for this either. Fiendishly challenging, enormously rewarding, bigger, badder, and more brutal than ever before? We're preapring to die all over again this year.

7. Super Smash Bros.

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

It's been too long sinnce we had a new Smash Bros. title, and the Wii U needs all of the help it can get. Another instalment in one of the most addictive, accessible, riotously fun multiplayer brawling franchises we've ever seen should do the trick. It'll provide yet another unmissable reason to own a 3DS too, we hope.

6. Transistor

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

"From the studio that brought us Bastion..."

That's it. That's all we needed. We're so in. Never mind the fact that Transistor looks like nothing else we've ever seen, that its gorgeous aesthetics set our eyes ablaze, or that it's combat system looks tantalisingly tactical, brimming with depth and satisfaction. We said Supergiant were built for greatness, and their debut blew us away. That their sophomore effort is looking rather special should surprise no-one.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

CD Projekt RED don't make bad games. The Witcher series has already delivered two enormous, industry-shaking, fantastic RPGs that rather made a mockery of other studios' attempts at taking on themes of choice and consequence. Wild Hunt looks enormous and, better yet, enormously detailed to boot. Life and death, game-changing decisions will abound as we step into the well-worn boots of Geralt once more.

4. Watch Dogs

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Hell, it was one of most anticipated games of 2013, and the delay has made us want Ubi Montreal's open-world slice of hacktivist delights even more. We hear the buzzwords "systemic" and "dynamic" get thrown around n awful lot, but Watch Dogs looks like it has taken those core concepts to heart inn a way few games have attempted before.

3. Mario Kart 8

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014


It's new Mario Kart. OF COURSE WE'RE PSYCHED!

2. WildStar

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

NCsoft and Carbine have been beavering away on WildStar for some time. Can they get away with  full-price, subscription-based MMO in this freemium-stuffed world in which we now live? We'll find out in 2014, and you only have to look at some of the beta videos that Carl has  been putting out to see why we're very, very excited about WildStar's prospects to smash expectations.

1. Titanfall

Top Ten Tuesdays | Most Anticipated Games of 2014

It's still the one game that everybody's keen to get stuck into in 2014. Part of it is the fact that it's a brand-new IP. Part of it is the enormously scandalous story that sits behind the formation of Respawn and the acrimonious exodus of ex-Infinity Ward staffers who took their idea for an exciting new FPS from Activision over to EA. Part of it is that Microsoft went to great lengths to secure this exclusive, that Titanfall represents the first real Super Exclusive for this new console generation. Part of it comes down to the gloriously balanced controls, the fact that the action is effortlessly accessible, yet the twist on the action is profound.

Part of it is best summed up in three words: jetpacks and mechs.

Whatever the reason, we're still absolutely psyched for Titanfall.

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onsisdiedonker  Jan. 1, 2014 at 14:57

Some great games on this list and I'm looking forward to most of them.

The one game I'm most looking forward to is X by Monolith Software.

Covert Recon  Jan. 1, 2014 at 17:23

You managed to leave out The Division.

Last edited by Covert Recon, Jan. 1, 2014 at 17:23
DivideByZero  Jan. 2, 2014 at 09:58

Some of my most anticipated are missing from this list.

The Order: 1886
and hopefully "whatever 3" by Valve (L4D3, HL3, Portal 3).

And I have no interest in Smash Bros, Mario Kart or WildStar - but otherwise, I'm really excited about the rest of the list.

Last edited by DivideByZero, Jan. 2, 2014 at 09:59
socialjeebus  Jan. 4, 2014 at 07:01

Not disagreeing with any on the list but here's a few I'm looking forward to, partly because I have no idea how they're going to turn out:

EA Sports UFC
South Park The Stick of Truth (has the potential to a car-crash because of all the development troubles)
Borderlands 2 on PSVITA
Mad Max (would have preferred Just Cause 3 tbh)

Here's some I'm looking forward to because I think they'll be quality:

Infamous Second Son (looks fantastic)
Hotline Miami 2 (because the first is so awesome, especially on the Vita)

And obviously a Fallout game wouldn't go amiss either.

daxago  Feb. 5, 2014 at 23:33

wf where is The Elder scrolls online
and Mount and Blade 2

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