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Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

Jonathan Lester
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Bioshock Infinite

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

We've put our weekly top ten lists on hold thanks to the staggering, throbbing amount of hands-on previews we've been pumping out... so it's only fair that we kick things off with a look at the Expo that was. Here are the ten most impressive games and reveals that caught our attention and make us glad to be gamers, along with links to our hands-on coverage where appropriate.

Let's do this thing!

Daikitana Award For Epic Failure: Mr. Caffeine

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

How many idiots does it take to derail a fantastic press conference stuffed with juicy reveals? Just one. Ubisoft, seriously, you need developers to present your lineup, not gibbering marketing goons. Doobly doobly derpy dumb.

10: Far Cry 3

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

Embedded deep within Ubisoft's aforementioned presser, the Far Cry 3 reveal delivered the only genuine surprise of the entire expo. And what a surprise it was. Ubisoft have taken fan criticism to heart in order to create an open world game with true personality, masses of non linear choice and bags of colour.

Did I ever tell you... the definition... of insanity? As far as we're concerned, it's not being excited about Far Cry 3.

9: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

It's going to be another glorious day in the Corps!

A day in the Corps is like a day on the farm - especially when Gearbox have been given free rein to create a true sequel to one of (if not the) best movies of all time. Randy Pitchford led the demo walkthrough personally, and frankly, we're as excited as he is. We're in for some chop!

8: Dragon's Dogma

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

Capcom massively over-hyped last year's E3 showcase and delivered, well, an emo Dante. This year, however, the humbler and contrite publisher brought a much stronger lineup to the party... lead by the increasingly impressive Dragon's Dogma. The developers behind Devil May Cry are constructing a massive open world that blends the best bits of Monster Hunter, DMC and Skyrim into a single cohesive package - and it's set to blow the genre wide open.

7: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

It's difficult to overstate just how deeply impressive Human Revolution actually is. Our closed-door demo impressions left me genuinely reeling, demonstrating a near-infinite level of personal freedom and replayability. As well as, you know, the fact that you can punch through solid walls and transform into a human claymore.

We're convinced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is going to be the prequel we deserve.

6: Serious Sam 3: BFE

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

Sequels are ten a penny in the current games market... but with an entirely new proprietary engine and freed from 2K Games' restrictive shackles, Croteam are crafting one of the most impressive shooters that we've ever seen. Serious Sam 3 mixes new gameplay mechanics (like ripping enemies apart with your bare hands) with a deep respect for the First and Second Encounters; resulting in something truly wonderful and totally, ridiculously badass.

Check out our in-depth hands on preview for more details. You'd better bet on Sam.

5: Wii U

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

Nintendo's confusing press conference left the games industry in a state of abject bewilderment. Is the Wii U a console? A controller? It that PS3 footage? What is it, Ninty? What's going on?!

After trying it out, however, Matt's convinced that Ninty's innovative new tablet will herald an interesting new experience - and we'll be watching the Wii U like a hawk.

4: Skyrim!

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

Substance and style. Streamlining without shallowness. Incredible depth. Tight combat. Eyepopping graphics. Without hyperbole, Skyrim is going to cement Bethesda's well-earned reputation as the undisputed kings of open world RPGs and show their competitors how it's done.

Oh, and if that isn't enough, you get to hunt Dragons, harvest their souls and twist their essence into devastating primal death magic. Count us in - day one.

3: PS Vita

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

We're still not sold on the name, but we're definitely sold on the games. The PS Vita will release with an unprecedented lineup of launch titles including blockbuster hits like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and LittleBigPlanet... as well as gorgeous Indie offerings like Jonathan Mak's Sound Shapes. It's also a seriously impressive piece of kit that graphically gimps practically any game it runs.

We loved our hands-on time, and though the Vita will face stiff competition from Apple once locked into its hardware cycle, we definitely want one.

2: Prey 2

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

This is bound to be a controversial choice for second place. After all, so many great games were vying for our attention. But Prey 2 managed to absolutely blow us away with one of the most competent live demos we've ever witnessed despite coming straight out of left field.

The new emphasis on bounty hunting, threatening and vertical freeform adventuring is a refreshing change of pace, and the dynamic combat system is looking tighter and slicker than practically anything else we saw during our three days in Los Angeles. Not to mention its art style that pays homage to Blade Runner and Judge Dredd.

1: Bioshock Infinite

Top Ten Tuesdays | Best Of E3 2011!

As far as we can make out, Bioshock Infinite resides on a higher plane of existence. Every time we see its newest demo walkthrough, Ken Levine's newest project elevates the whole concept of videogaming into something beautiful, surreal and wonderful. The action is incredible. Graphically, nothing can touch it. Bioshock Infinite is literally on another level, and as such, is fast becoming our most anticipated game of all time.

Here's our developer walkthrough and preview, which Matt managed to write despite blearily staring out through tears of purest joy.

Right, I've had my say - so it's time to have yours. Who 'won' E3? What games tripped your radars and blew your minds? Let us know in the comments!

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Late  Jun. 21, 2011 at 16:17

As someone on the outside looking in (ie not privy to all the insider videos, presentations, and hands-on experiences), the stand out winner was Nintendo.
We were sure a wii 2 was on the way, possibly with a screen on the controller, but they were only rumours and had only been circulating for a short while ahead of the expo. I'm yet to be convinced by the U, but the whole thing was one of very few surprises - and that's what I want from E3.
That, and an invitation.

The Vita was the complete opposite, of course. Pretty much everything about it was known a long while ago, and even the relatively "late breaking" things like the name had been outed on this very site a week or so beforehand.

A few of the announced games look awesome, but for those of us who've either seen nothing new (Bioshock Infinite etc.) or seen only a very vague clip (Tomb Raider etc.) it's hard to get particularly excited about them.

BDA  Jun. 21, 2011 at 16:30

Woah - leaving out Mass Effect 3?!

Goity  Jun. 21, 2011 at 17:27

Sony won, but only because they were the least awful. Microsoft threw what was probably the worst conference in living memory (not just in video games), much as I love dodgy looking Kinect games, and the Wii U sounded reasonable until I found out about the resistive touch screen. Really Nintendo?

So basically Sony won by not doing something completely awful like the other two did. Also, the Vita looks fantastic. Still, negative points for announcing literally nothing new.

Muramasa+1  Jun. 21, 2011 at 21:56

Tomb Raider + Dead Island.

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