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Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

Felix Kemp
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With 8 million shipped worldwide, Kinect is an unequivocal, resounding success. And I couldn't be happier. I was skeptical it would take off, even more so that it would boost Microsoft's annual profits. And while it means we must steel ourselves for the upcoming avalanche of Kinect Winter Sports and Dance, Dance, Dance Some More in the years to come, it offers Microsoft and their partners the opportunity to deliver on the game changer first promised.

So at Dealspwn, we've devised a list of 10 unannounced, unofficial games we'd like to see on Kinect, in the hope that Microsoft is listening. Read on!

10. Fable 4

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

Kinect functionality was once present in Fable 3, with tomato-tossing and statue-sculpting rumoured, but was later cut. So we'd like to see a full-blown, Kinect-ified Fable 4 whenever it's released. I'm talking waving virtual swords, hurling invisible fireballs, and beckoning over comely wenches with a perfectly executed finger wag. Oh, and petting the dog.

9. Fifa Kinect

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

I hear the footy game in Kinect Sports is actually quite fun, if a little underwhelming. It would be difficult to implement Kinect into the entire Fifa experience, but imagine actually stepping up for corners or whacking in penalties and sprinting for loose balls. Maybe you could even flop onto the carpet to simulate diving and con the virtual ref? They could contact Cristiano Ronaldo for authenticity.

8. Alan Wake 2

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

I quite enjoyed Alan Wake, but felt it misfired considering the pedigree involved. However, a sequel with Kinect functionality, requiring you to point your flashlight and - well, whatever else you can do in Alan Wake, could be a wonderful experience. Imagine if you directly controlled Mr Wake with your movement, each wrong turn or misstep spelling almost certain doom...

7. Skate Kinect

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

Whether it's Skate or even the ailing Tony Hawks franchise, I'd love to see a game fulfill Kinect's original promise. Remember the first video, where the kid scanned in a skateboard and proceeded to ollie and kick-flip with merry abandon? Well, while I doubt we'll be able to insert real-world items into Kinect's virtual database, a gesture-based skateboarding game could be fantastic.

6. Sims Kinect

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

I'm a big fan of Sims and I feel Kinect, with its quirky, original appeal, is perfect for a new game. You could directly control a Sim's social interaction with other Sims, or build and customize houses with precise flicks and splays of your fingers. Sims has steadily been broadening its horizons, and it seems only fitting for it to take the next step into the motion-sensing world.

5. Black and White 3

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

Another Lionhead game, but perhaps with more promise. What if your Hand wasn't just an icon but an extension of your own, as you reach in and fiddle with the world, swatting aside hapless villagers in a mighty act of vengeance, or rewarding vigilance with a friendly pat on the pack. You could rearrange the topography to sway other tribes to your cause, maybe rerouting water supplies or plucking dangerous beasts off the land, all by gesturing with Kinect.

4. Gears of War Kinect

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

It's rumored Epic is hard at work squeezing in a little bit of Kinect into Gears 3, but it's by no means official. But what do we want to see? Well, first off I'd like to chainsaw and bayonet-stab Locust with a swinging, thrusting motion, throw grenades with a flick of my arm, and even insert original Marcus Fenix quips via Kinect's in-built microphone.

3. Project Milo

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

Was Milo ever in development? Or was it merely an idea incubating without end? Whatever the truth, I still feel Milo offered a truly visionary example of Kinect's promise. Utilizing the motion-sensor, face-detection system and voice-analyzer, Milo seemed like the first step towards true Artificial Intelligence. Sadly, it seems it might never see the light of day, but we can still hope the little guy might reappear.

2. Halo 4

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

It's a given that the next Halo will include Kinect functionality. It's Microsoft's most precious franchise, and thus their best chance to prove to the masses that Kinect is a core gamer's accessory of choice. But what do we want to see? Pointing a finger to aim? Hurling imaginary grenades? Gesture-based teabagging? The possibilities are endless. I, personally, would like to see a Grunt vs Grunt dance-off.

1. Killer Instinct Kinect

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kinect Games We'd Like To See

It's been so very long, despite years and years of rumours and hints, but I'm sure, nay, certain Kinect will bring us a new Killer Instinct game, and hopefully revolutionize the fighting genre. Just imagine having to actually learn moves, almost in the same manner as how you memorize dance patterns in Dance Central? It might be knackering - not to mention potentially dangerous - but Killer Instinct Kinect is the game we'd most like to see!

What Kinect games would you like to see? Are you bored of gimmicky, party games? Or maybe you want to see more? As always, sign off in the comments section below!

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odb  Feb. 1, 2011 at 15:28

Fifa 11 Kinect has been available for a while according to Find-Games


been there for donkeys!


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