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Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Jonathan Lester
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Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Be Advised: Tough Love Incoming

I'm still playing Titanfall on a daily basis and absolutely loving it. Respawn Entertainment delivered a breath of fresh air in the increasingly stagnant FPS genre, and recently granted us three more maps in the Expedition DLC. Robots and parkour. What's not to like?

However, not only is it time for Respawn to add more content, but they also need to address the fact that some aspects of Titanfall have actually got worse since launch.

So because lists are a great way of getting hits with little effort making numerous suggestions in a convenient and enjoyable way, it's time for a Titanfall Top Ten! Here's what we want from Respawn's game over the next few months. Hell, the next few minutes preferably.

10: Shorter Lobby Wait Times!

Let's start simple. 90 seconds might not sound like a long time, but after a hard day it can feel like an eternity. We simply don't need to wait this long between matches outside of the campaign -- after all, most players only need to reshuffle their burn card deck.

Frankly, if you need longer than a minute (at most) to tweak your loadouts, you probably ought to quit back to the main menu and take your time, then get involved when you're ready.

9: Map Voting

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Titanfall now has eighteen maps courtesy of the Expedition DLC pack. A goodly number of utterly exquisite levels, but why can't we choose between them?

No, that isn't a rhetorical question. I'd actually like an answer... or better yet for the functionality to be added without delay.

8: Rebalance The Carbine?

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Titanfall's carbine makes perfect sense in a game designed to be accessible as possible. Newbies get immediate access to a gun that's capable of taking down seasoned veterans, viable at both short, medium and long range. But is it too viable?

I believe that it is, though I'm very keen to debate this point and will cede it if you convince me otherwise. Excluding the shotgun and Kraber, Titanfall's more situational boomsticks such as the HEMLOK, G2A4, SMG and sidearms feel almost pointless when compared to a gun that excels in all their supposed combat roles. Why take a weapon that's slightly more effective at a very specific range in a best case scenario when the Carbine can rock pretty much any range just as effectively -- from point-blank to extreme? No, regen challenges don't count. Personally, I'd like to see the short and long range kill time increased, perhaps by slightly tinkering with the fire rate and spread.


7: More Guns And/Or Ordinance

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

It's time we started tackling the elephant in the room: content. We'll need a few points, so again, let's start slow.

With many players concerned about Titanfall's lack of unlockables, some new weapons might be nice. Some new attachments would definitely be nice; more ways to personalise our playstyle and extra unlocks to shoot for. But then again, do we really need more guns with all the ranges and niches already catered for?

Of course we do, but in the short term, perhaps Ordinance would be a better way to go considering that we basically just have grenades, satchels and mines to choose from. A wider variety of offensive explosives would be appreciated alongside more interesting niche equipment, perhaps including Titan repair tools, radar jammers and other well-balanced situational kit.

6: Better Objective Rewards

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Titanfall's original 75XP hardpoint hold rewards was a little too generous (you could farm experience by literally sitting around), but at least it encouraged us to defend and play the objective rather than freelancing about like headless chickens. Unfortunately Respawn over-corrected too far in the opposite direction, meaning that many players now approach Hardpoint like a glorified Attrition match.

So up the Hardpoint Hold payout slightly, but also reward players for actually playing the objective in new ways. Let's see some challenges for Hardpoint Defence and Siege kills. Bring on some burn cards designed around objective play. Just more nudges towards objective play would go a long way to making each gametype feel more unique and satisfying.

5: More Burn Cards & Kits

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Speaking of burn cards, let's have a few more please. Some mode-specific or more niche offerings would be nice, building on some of the more esoteric options like Spectre Camouflage. So long as they're well-balanced, a cadre of more unique cards would really help add a breath of fresh air into the proceedings.

And let's not forget the kits, too. There's room for so many more perks.

Yesterday, reader KingTitan suggested a burn card or "perk that allows you to tame some of the indigenous beasts to fight for you." We like this idea immensely - so much, in fact, that we're going to call this section right here. We can't top that.

4: New Titan Chassis

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Seriously now. Let's have a couple of new Titans to stomp around in.

3: Robust Cosmetic Customisation & Unlocks!

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

I know you want it. Though I personally play games because I enjoy playing the game, not because I'm chasing 'ranks' or silly little cosmetic details, I can't deny that I like the satisfaction of unlocking stuff. Things like emblems, custom tags, custom reticles, custom weapon skins and custom character skins for starters - doled out for completing tough challenges and ascending through the Generations.

And don't get me started on cosmetic Titan customisation. As a longtime Mechwarrior, Front Mission and Armoured Core fanatic, I need it madly.

This stuff isn't in any way essential (we got by just fine without it for many, many years), but lots of gamers still crave it after Modern Warfare set the trend. You'd think that Respawn would remember that - seeing as they made it.

2: Better Faster Matchmaking & Netcode

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Titanfall's matchmaking was very speedy at launch, but slightly unbalanced as new players were sometimes matched against terrifying Gen 8 death machines. "Don't worry," said Respawn. "We'll sort it."

And yet Titanfall's matchmaking has somehow become slower and more unbalanced since launch, not better!

This beggars belief. It's shocking. It's outrageous. It's rather disgusting when you think about it. And, to be perfectly honest, the current state of affairs could potentially drive me away from a game I genuinely love as I sit in empty lobbies that should be full - even in the Hardpoint gametype! -- and watch 'connecting' screens even just quitting back to the main menu. What the hell are you even connecting to?

You've boasted about all this 'cloud power' for months, Microsoft. Now use it!

1: More Gametypes. NOW.

Top Ten Tuesdays | What We Need From Titanfall!

Titanfall doesn't have enough gametypes. Nowhere near enough. It's hard to argue otherwise, especially when playlists are being shut down on PC with nothing to replace them!

And Respawn knows that we need more modes, because there's a SCROLLBAR ON THE LOVE-MOTHERING MENU that doesn't actually do anything.

This is the most important aspect that Titanfall needs to focus on right now. The maps are fantastic and numerous, but we need more gametypes that offer a brand new take on the mech-stomping wall-running gameplay. Perhaps a 'kill the man with the ball' or Grifball-style mode where players scrabble for control of an objective in mid-air, passing to team-mates and making offensive plays. What about a free-for-all deathmatch? KingTitan suggests a 'Capture The Titan' mode? How about randomly-activating missions scattered around the map, such as escorting SPECTRES or rigging explosives, forcing teams to work together in attack and defence?

6v6 doesn't need to be limiting, and frankly, there's all sorts of interesting things Respawn could do. So... do it.

What do you want from Titanfall over the coming weeks? Have your say in the comments!

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TheKing  May. 20, 2014 at 12:36

Given there's a "Beta" playlist, surely Respawn could start adding different game modes quite quickly and see how they fare. If they are too unbalanced then tweak or remove them. A Search and Destroy mode with evolving objectives would be great.

Another thing that would be quite cool to add just to try and keep people playing and interested would be Daily/Weekly challenges... rather than just the static ones they have at the moment.

Matchmaking is very poor at present - last night I was the highest ranked player in my team at Gen 1 lev 50. The other team were all Gen 8/9/10... wtf?!

"Commander" Perk that gives the ability for pilots to designate targets for all the autotitans might be cool too...

Last edited by TheKing, May. 20, 2014 at 12:40
Late  May. 20, 2014 at 16:24

Long boring afternoon - so forgive my ridiculously long post... ;)

10 - TBH the lobby wait times don't bother me so much now.
60 seconds might be better, but I'm happy enough with ninety seconds to check my stats, pick a few new burn cards, etc.

9 - Map Voting. Might be nice - but as there's no maps I hate I'm happy enough playing them all randomly.
If we had voting we're more likely to see the same maps more often - and I prefer the variety. If I play 100 games I'd like to play all 18 maps at least five times each. With voting I'd end up playing fracture and wargames at least twenty times each, whereas Rise and the sewer one might only come up once each. (For example. I'm not sure which maps are most loved or hated by most folk, but I'm sure it'd become more apparent if we had voting.)

8 - The Carbine definitely needs rebalancing. It's my favourite weapon by far, and that's partly because I've always favoured an assault rifle and partly because it's just so much more effective than the other weapons.

7 - New equipment definitely sounds good, and I like the suggestions you've mentioned.

6 - Not sure about rewards for playing objectives. I mainly play Hardpoint, and I was very annoyed when they drastically reduced the rewards for defending the hardpoints - but I've changed my opinion lately. Firstly, I'm not too bothered about the xp (once you get to about gen 4 or so xp becomes largely irrelevant - you're level 50 after only a few games following your regeneration anyway). And secondly, you can score just as highly by aggressively claiming the hardpoints - especially if you're "stimmed".

5 - I LOVE KingTitan's suggestion regarding the alien life sometimes getting in on the action. Hell, I don't just want to tame them. I want to BE them! (I've gone too far, now, and taken it to a whole ridiulous amount of recoding. Sorry. Let's just stick with plan A, shall we, and have them sometimes attack players and not just grunts.)

4 - New titan classes would be nice - so long as they're balanced. I love my Atlas, and rarely change from it. When I do I go Strider. The Ogre is no use for me at all. (I'm sure it's good for some folk, though.) I need more choice!

3 - Cosmetic customisation is my number one request for the game. Which speaks volumes about how good the game is, really. My main wish is to be able to graffiti my titan. Everything else is cool.

2 - I think the matchmaking is better now than it was at launch. It's definitely a little bit slower, and it's definitely not perfect - but if you easily win (or lose) 3 or so matches in a row you can be pretty sure your opponents will disappear and you'll be up against a new bunch. Which is definitely a good thing in my book (even if you sometimes end up in another mismatch).

1 - More game-types now. Hell Yeah! I want variety. I want choice. I want Search & Destroy. And I want zombies or infections. (I stress that last point about wanting infections is limited to gaming, and not real life. I'm totally up for zombies in real life, though. I've been preparing. I'm ready.)
I've gone off on a tangent again, haven't I...

nobots  May. 20, 2014 at 17:45

A new game mode, 10v10 WITHOUT BOTS. I'm not the only one that wants this. "But there can't be 20 Titans at once." <- Then limit number per team.

Late  May. 22, 2014 at 01:44

I spoke too soon. Matchmaking has been completely borked.

Been playing for a few hours tonight and have spent considerably more time in lobbies waiting for team mates & opposing teams than actually playing the game. :(
Have switched servers a few times but to no avail.

Back out of the server, join a server, join a match mid-game (if you're lucky), play one more match with the same people (again, if you're lucky), then the matchmaking separates the two teams and you just sit there waiting until you get bored and leave. Fortunately you can switch to TV and the Xbox will tell you when it's found you a game. Great feature that. Allowed me to watch a full thirty minutes of Road Wars just now. When I switched back to the game it was still searching for players... :/

Last edited by Late, May. 22, 2014 at 01:44
JonLester  May. 22, 2014 at 08:33

@Late: Sorry to hear that, but in all honesty I was a little surprised at your previous comment.

As far as I can tell, Azure is obsessed with creating random PUGs of six players and keeping them together as opposed to actually finding us games as individual players (an issue when servers are being allocated on-the-fly, I guess). Frankly, unless I'm partied up, I don't really care about sticking with the same randomers - I'd rather just get thrown into a lobby with one empty space. Splitting up opposing teams after a few matches also seems counter-productive if there isn't ALREADY a spare team to immediately replace them!

Respawn needs to sort this.

I agree that SmartMatch is useful, though. Good for flicking over to the telly or browsing achievements with voice commands during downtime.

Last edited by JonLester, May. 22, 2014 at 08:43
Late  May. 22, 2014 at 09:17

Prior to yesterday my experience was that your team would be separated from your opponents after about three matches, and would be put up against another team within about 10-20 seconds. That was fine by me.

I would've preferred they work on the composition of each team in some way, absolutely (if I've lost three games in a row don't bother looking for a new team for me to face - get me some teammates who have some idea what the hell they're doing - this crappy team's going to lose against any team you pit us against) but if you don't like your teammates it's easy enough to back out and get some new ones.

That all changed yesterday though. I'm not exaggerating when I say I spent much more time looking for games than playing.
Hopefully it was just an anomaly and won't be repeated tonight. (I'm not overly optimistic of that. If it'd been a problem for half an hour it might just be a glitch, but if it's happening for five hours or so it's indicative of a code change.)

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