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Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Jonathan Lester
E3 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Now that the E3 storm is subsiding into the pre-Gamescom summer lull, we have some time to take stock, look forward to plenty of great games and digest the tasty morsels from the biggest week in gaming.

We've scrutinised all the biggest announcements, reveals and games of E3 2014, but now that the adrenaline (and lingering ethanol) has left our systems, we can't help but notice a fair few glaring omissions in the lineup this year. Any number of anticipated games were absent without leave, whether massive rumoured projects that gathered steam before the show or huge titles that should be getting some serious hype -- yet didn't bother to show up.

Many of which are absolutely tragic. So here are ten of the most surprising and bizarre no-shows of E3 2014 in order of how badly we want to see them at Gamescom!

10: The Last Guardian

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

No, it's not at the top of our list. Though we were hoping that Team ICO's eternally-delayed swan song would finally break cover for PS4, years of heartbreaking absence have hardened our resolve and lowered our expectations.

Perhaps we'll see it at Gamescom, though. Or TGS? Yes. Definitely. Ha. Haha. HAAA. No, no, I'm fine, thanks for asking. Definitely not heartbroken about The Last Guardian missing yet another expo. I've just got something in my eye.

9: Gears Of War

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Black Tusk have only been working on the Gears license for a handful of months, so it's no real surprise that the project didn't make an appearance. After all, it would basically just be doodle of Baird on a napkin, a couple of flow charts and "BIGGER CHAINSAWS" scribbled on what could tenuously be called a 'design document' at this stage.

So I suppose that we're actually rather glad that Microsoft didn't bring a teaser, even if we expected one.

8: Guerrilla Games RPG

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Reports and anecdotal evidence suggests that Guerrilla Games are working on a brand new franchise, likely an open-world RPG, for the PS4.

Can we see it, please? Can we?

7: Fallout 4

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Bethesda warned us not to expect Fallout 4 any time soon.

Which is all well and good, but that doesn't stop us wanting it.

6: New Metroid

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Super Smash Bros is going to have two Samus models. One of which appears to be an 'adult model' thanks to the terrible Zero Suit design and awful high heels. Bad Namco. No. Bad.

So can we have 50% less Samus in Super Smash Bros and 100% more Samus in a brand new game, please Nintendo?

5: Pretty Much Every EA Game We're Excited About

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Ooh, Sims. Wow, Battlefield 4 total conversions. Ahh, more FIFA, only this time with emotions and shut up this one's totally different and upgraded and junk, you don't even know.

I'm not going to retread old ground, but suffice to say that EA turned up to show and tell without anything to show and sod all to tell.

4: God Of War: Another One

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Sony Santa Monica set the stage, teased up a storm and then... erm, didn't actually walk onto the stage.

3: Prey 2

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Prey 2 blasted into E3 2011 and rocked the entire show. We'd never seen anything like its open-world Sci-Fi bounty hunting and craved it desperately.

Then it disappeared. Rumours suggested that Arkane Studios are dealing with the project after Human Head imploded, but either way, we were holding out hope for a triumphant return.

Fat chance. We'll see Dishonored 2 first at this rate.

2: Beyond Good & Evil 2

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

Stop testing me, Ubisoft. So help me, Ancel, I will cross the channel, come over there and politely ask you to please develop this sequel if you wouldn't mind awfully, you exceptionally talented industry legend.

Damn it, I just can't say mad at Ancel. Here's hoping that Ubisoft are saving Beyond Good & Evil 2 for a Gamescom reveal.

1: Okay, So It's The Last Guardian

Top Ten Tuesdays | Tragic E3 2014 No-Shows

I lied.

Anyway, that's enough moaning from me, since we've got plenty to look forward to. What did you expect or demand to see at E3?

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Late  Jun. 24, 2014 at 15:16

Didn't expect it, but still disappointed...


JoeDark64  Jun. 24, 2014 at 15:38

A Shenmue 1 & 2 HD remake ahead of Shenmue 3.

Even if they made Shenmue 3 with the old engine with just slightly improved controls then that would be awesome.

Maybe next year.

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