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Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

Jonathan Lester
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Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

We all love getting something for nothing, so seeing that many of us already pay for Xbox Live Gold membership, we're big fans of Microsoft's Games With Gold scheme. Getting to download and keep games forever is a fantastic idea, but as we've seen over the last few months, the service has increasingly come under fire for its somewhat lacklustre selection compared to PlayStation Plus' engorged rental smorgasbord.

So, in the spirit of useful feedback and because it's a fairly slow news day, here are the ten games we'd love to see make an appearance on Games With Gold - across both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Some of these games would be easy to offer, others might just be the unrealistic pipe dreams of a deeply ungrateful hack, while more are examples of Microsoft missing some fairly obvious opportunities. Let's go!

10: Gears Of War: Judgment

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

Gears Of War: Judgment was pretty nifty for a boilerplate stopgap. Having run the series to conclusion, this entertaining if somewhat unnecessary prequel still managed to do the business in cooperative multiplayer, and I daresay plenty of people didn't pick it up last year.

Plus, it would be nice to get one of the only big exclusives of 2013 for free. Can't imagine it's exactly flying off the shelves now.

9: Snoopy: Flying Ace & more multiplayer XBLA titles

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

As we discussed earlier today, all manner of XBLA games deserve the chance to shine, especially those with sadly dead or dying multiplayer communities. From the exceptional dogfighting of Snoopy Flying Ace to the underrated jetpack multiplayer of Hybrid and even Madballs in Babo Invasion's surprisingly excellent online modes, there's a wealth of potential left untapped here.

8: The Walking Dead and... Final Fantasy XIII?!!

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

"Wait, what? Final Fantasy XIII is rubbish!"

Yeah, I hear you, but I'm singling out Square's 'press up and A' simulator alongside The Walking Dead as a precedent for something that Microsoft needs to be doing much more aggressively. In the month before a new sequel comes out, Microsoft could temporarily make the first game (or games) in the series free to download, allowing a new audience to get involved and, perhaps, more eager to buy into the latest episode. Frankly, it couldn't hurt.

7: A Whole Bunch Of Xbox Live Indie Games

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

Microsoft already has a huge library of indie games sitting on their marketplace, many of which could well get the free treatment and extra exposure - if their developers are up for it, that is. From the Penny Arcade adventures and Space Pirates From Tomorrow to Beat Hazard and Explosionade, there's a whole universe of possibility here.

6: Anarchy Reigns

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

SEGA really screwed the pooch on this one. Platinum's outrageous brawler was delayed in the West and launched with a bare minimum of publicity, leaving its servers bare and ridiculous multiplayer largely untouched.

Why not loose it onto a massive audience now... then also give us Vanquish while you're at it! Mmm. Vanquish. I think I'll actually have to go and play it right now [focus, Jon - Ed]

5: DmC

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

Go on. Then do Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [stop letting your schoolboy crush on Platinum Games interfere with your work! - Ed]

4: Tales Of Vesperia

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

The Xbox 360 actually had some exclusive JRPGs worth bragging about, and Tales Of Vesperia is my pick of the bunch. Colourful, deep and involving, it also featured truly excellent combat and some surprisingly complex characters. Disc copies are becoming increasingly rare, but since it's available on Xbox Live, why not let us get on board?

I'd also like to see Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon make an appearance, but these double-disc epics aren't on the marketplace and are unlikely to get there any time soon.

3: State Of Decay

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

This one's unlikely, I warrant you. Seeing as Undead Labs' superb sleeper hit is doing great business on Steam, it's unlikely that they'll be particularly keen to give it away... but making it free would be an interesting opportunity to flog its new DLC.

Hell, I'm just thinking up excuses here. Xbox 360's lack of exclusives hit them hard last year, so I'd love to see them crowing about this one.

2: Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One)

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

Zoo Tycoon was a real breath of fresh air in the Xbox One's launch lineup. As a friendly and hectic little simulation packing great Kinect functionality and adorable cuddly fuzzly wuzzly animals, it made for a nice diversion amongst all the brutal murder, racing and brutal zombie murder.

And then Microsoft went and spoiled it all by doing something stupid like... making it fifty freaking quid. Whoops.

You screwed up there, guys, and right now I'd actually suggest making it a freebie. Not only is it a nice gesture for Xbox One owners with young families (and the young at heart!), but it's also a great way of showing off the potential of the Kinect sensor with its facial expression recognition, fun animal minigames and voice commands - helping to prove the peripheral's worth as more than a microphone.

Speaking of which...

1: Kinect Sports Rivals (Xbox One)

Top Ten Tuesdays: Xbox Live Games With Gold We Want!

Yeah. Delaying Kinect's supposed killer app wasn't a great idea at the best of times, but then charging top dollar added insult to injury.

Especially since, according to early reviews, it's not exactly going to set the world on fire.

Considering the weighty price of the Xbox One and controversy that still surrounds the Kinect sensor, Microsoft probably ought to have made it free to download and try out, helping to cement the peripheral's place in the living room and attempting to rekindle the magic that Wii Sports delivered all those years ago. They still can... but now they'll have to wait a few months, I suppose.

That's all from us... so it's time you had your say! What games would you like to see on the Games With Gold service? Let us know in the comments!

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Late  Apr. 8, 2014 at 14:20

Hell yeah to the xbox One suggestions.
Or indeed to any game on xbox One.

Those two suggestions would definitely be top of my list, though. Not because they're the games I most want (I'm rather blasé about both, personally) - but because both use Kinect and both are family friendly.
Of the small handful of games I have for my console, none really use Kinect in any meaningful way. (Oh great - I can get Thief's "Garret" to lean left or right by doing so myself. Awesome. That's making the most of the peripheral.)
I love Kinect's voice controls, but really need something that properly uses it's camera.

I find it difficult to suggest games I'd like to see on the 360, now that I think about it. If it was a game I wanted then I will have bought it - so wouldn't get anything from them releasing one of my favourites, and it's hard to say what game I want if I haven't played it. (If that makes sense. It makes sense in my head, but might not have translated well here!)

JonLester  Apr. 8, 2014 at 14:38

Seeing as the Wii sold millions of us on motion control with its free pack-in, it's odd to see Microsoft completely failing to take the initiative on that front. Yes, there was a demo, but showing all Xbox Live Gold customers that Kinect is more than a glorifed sign-in tool and microphone would have been a great idea.

Don't get me wrong: I love Kinect's voice commands and use them all the time, but its gaming applications are woefully lacking.

At least Rare should now be free to create more avatar customisation options - and hopefully loads of new avatar rewards that we can get by completing challenges.

Last edited by JonLester, Apr. 8, 2014 at 14:40

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