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Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

Matt Gardner
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Quotability is very important these days if you want to be cool, and games are stuffed full of catchphrases and sayings that hope to become a staple of playground banter and water cooler debate. We figured we'd round up ten of the best video game catchphrases this week for you. There are some that are funny, other inadvertently so; some that are pesky and irritating, some that you just can't seem to get out out of your head; some that will blow your mind.

As usual, let us know what you think, if you've got any particular favourites of your own, in the comments box below.

10. 'I'll get you!'  - Worms

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

The Worms series has given me a great deal of satisfaction over since the mid-Nineties, from my fledgling entry into the world of gaming as a youngling to seven hour long invertebrate-killing marathons with beer and pizza in my wastrel years. Aside from the outlandish weaponry, it was all about the goofy smack talk with some hilariously rendered accents and dialects. But for simplicity's sake it has to be the little high-pitched assertion of incoming bazooka fire. 'I'll get you!' the worm shrieked lightly, perfectly summing up the game in one line.

9. 'Hey!...LISTEN!!' - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

There are a fair few websites that will tell of Navi's persistent annoyance and attention-seeking attitude hardly endears her to anyone. But, lest we forget, the first time she says it whenever something new and challenging pops up, she does dispense some fairly good advice. It's the endless repetition, however, the spasmodic bouncing around in front of your eyes, and the fact that sometimes she'll try to tell you something in the middle of a battle that'll really piss you off.

8. 'EA Sports...IT'S IN THE GAME!' - Any sports game made by EA

I was going to put the 'SEEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAAA!' little soundbite in here, but alas it doesn't exist any more (there'll be a petition to bring it back later on). EA Sports' long-running, rather nonsensical aural tagline, is still going strong, though. It's strong, emphatic and unmistakable; and, whilst we're still not entirely sure of what exactly the 'it' that's 'in the game' is supposed to be, we're pretty sure that whatever 'it' is has held up pretty well.

7. 'John Romero's About To Make You His Bitch...Suck It Down!' - Daikatana

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

Used during the promotional material for the ill-fated Daikatana, this has to be one of the biggest PR fails ever. Thankfully it's hilarious for all of the wrong reasons. It is my firm hope that they'll one day make a spoof movie about the development of Daikatana, complete with Romero's rock-star fantasies, hiring his model girlfriend as a designer, nearly all of Ion Storm quitting to form a rival company and that the poster above will form the basis for the DVD case. Yes, Daikatana absolutely sucked...but boy it gave us a few laughs.

6. 'Do a barrel roll...' - Lylat Wars

I'm F*#@ING DOING a BARREL ROLL!!! Any time you're in trouble, Peppy's on hand to dispense some cracking advice. The barrel roll will save your ass so much that you'll find yourself deploying it in real life situation and hearing Peppy's voice in your head. Late for work? Do a barrel roll. It's raining and you don't have a coat? Do a barrel roll. An amateur boxer is asking you why you've been dancing with his fiance in a club? DO A BARREL ROLL!

It could be worse. You could be hearing Slippy. 'Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' Die, Slippy.

5. 'Our princess is in another castle.' - Super Mario Bros.

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

No other line really sums up the Mario games quite like this one. You defeat Bowser only to find Toad standing at the end of the level with a spot of bad news. 'Thank you, Mario...' he begins, before telling you that Peach isn't actually here. It's never over for the poor plumber, chasing around his suspiciously-easy-to-kidnap princess from castle to castle. She'll always be permanently flighty, and he'll be chasing after her forever, but never quite resting easy due to the fact that she's never at home in her own castle. Freud would have a field day with some of this stuff.

4. 'It's time to kick ass and chew bubble...and I'm all outta gum!' - Duke Nukem 3D

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

To be honest we could have picked any line of Duke's. Some close calls that didn't quite make it:
Hail to the king, baby!
I don't have time to play with myself!
My boot, your face: the perfect couple.
Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!
Shake it, baby!
I always said, if there was a way to go, it'd have something to do with women, whips, and oil...

Let's face it, every Duke game is basically big guns and one liners...and that's fine! This list was basically made for Duke!

3. 'The cake is a lie...' - Portal

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

GLaDOS has a number of excellent lines in Portal and she's without a doubt one of the finest character creations in gaming's history, but Portal was really all about the cake. That something so utterly esoteric managed to nab itself some serious cult adoration is a testament to Valve's feat with this game. We wanted that delicious and moist cake, we really did, and when we saw the shattering 'truth' daubed on the wall, we knew something was up. But then, of course, the end credits have their own story to tell.

2. 'Would you kindly...' - Bioshock

If you've finished Bioshock you'll know exactly what I mean. If you haven't then stop whatever you're doing and play one of the finest games of the last decade RIGHT NOW (or when you get home). Subtle, sinister and shocking, this line is directly responsible for the last time a game truly made my jaw drop.

1. 'Finish Him!' - Mortal Kombat

Top Ten Tuesdays: Video Game Catchphrases

Perfectly encapsulating what was awesome about Mortal Kombat in all of two words, Shao Kahn's imperative to brutally execute your opponent absolutely defines the gory series. You'd battle through some pretty average 2D combat to get to this point, your nemesis swaying groggily in front of your, finally at your mercy. And then, of course, there'd be the inevitable scramble to try and remember what the hell the fatality inputs were so, more often than not, your opponent would just end up falling over after a few seconds.

But if you could (or if you'd just stuck on the simple cheat), the satisfaction you'd reap would be better than any smack talk, sweeter than any other victory. These two words struck more fear into parents during the Nineties than any other phrase. God bless you Midway.

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Steve  Dec. 7, 2010 at 14:12

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer characters shouting what appeared to be "BAMBII!!!" should have made the list. Hard to disagree with the top 3 though

donttouchthehair  Dec. 7, 2010 at 14:35

Perhaps not the best, but cetainly memorable:
"WOHOOO" : Every Mario game ever! ("Mario Kart Wii WOHOOO")
"Kick, punch, it's all in the mind..." : Parappa the Rapper's Master Chop-Chop Onion
"Mooooooo" : Earthworm Jim cows (on level complete)

Can you have the battle won tune from Final Fantasy as a catchphrase?

donttouchthehair  Dec. 7, 2010 at 14:38

From what I remember, Number 4 (Duke Nukem) gets extra points for being 'borrowed' from John Carpenter's 'They Live'.

MrRobin  Dec. 7, 2010 at 14:47

"Would you kindly..."

I reguarly use this in work emails >=)

cookiemonster83  Dec. 7, 2010 at 15:34

Surely Duke's best one is the one where he discusses how he would separate someone's head from their body, and then use their throat passage as a WC.

Matt Gardner  Dec. 7, 2010 at 16:07

There are so many! :D Can't wait for DNF...ironically.

Matt Gardner  Dec. 7, 2010 at 16:08

'He's on fire!' and 'Boomshakalaka!' came damn close.

Matt Gardner  Dec. 7, 2010 at 16:11

'Tis indeed. Although worded ever so slightly differently I think.

What a film though. Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David just absolutely bringing it.

Rob Proietti  Dec. 7, 2010 at 16:38

Another one from Mortal Kombat - "Whoopsieee!!"

cookiemonster83  Dec. 7, 2010 at 17:22

You mean "TOASTY!", right??

Rob Proietti  Dec. 7, 2010 at 17:56

I always thought there was both "Whoopsie" and "Toasty" Ended up having to research it (Hahaha!)

Found out there's a "Frostie" too!


Matthew  Dec. 8, 2010 at 10:09

As I recall, the EA soundbite is a shortened version of the original motto "If it's in the game, it's in the game", which makes a lot more sense.


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