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Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

Tom Silkstone
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Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

With the release of the new Mortal Kombat creeping closer and closer, which is a game that I cannot wait to be released having been a loyal fan since playing the original game on the Sega Megadrive, I thought I'd bring you the best fatalities that have graced our screens over the last decade or so. The great thing about the Mortal Kombat series is that whilst it's fun to watch the blood fly from your opponent's body as you initially button bash your way through the first couple of fights you take part in, the special moves that you could pull off were so extravagant that as soon as you got your first glimpse of one you wanted to learn them all.

Fatalities however were the cherry on top, the first time I got to the end of a fight and my opponent was stood swaying, completely oblivious to what was about to happen next, I thought that pummelling them to within an inch of their lives was great fun. Then in a magical turn of events I hit the right combination of buttons, the screen went dark, and I witnessed something that is truly special in a gamer's world; my very first fatality. From that point on I was hooked on the series, I had to know how each of the characters would brutally eviscerate their foes, and over the years there have been some new additions to the classic finishing moves in the forms of friendships and animalities, but fatalities still remain the ultimate sign of a Mortal Kombat master. Anyway I should really stop rabbiting on about MK otherwise we could be here for a very long time, and I'll get started on the gory top ten list.

10. Liu Kang's MK Arcade Machine Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

Most fatalities'll make you wince or laugh, and this one definitely falls into the latter category. As Liu Kang stands before his vanquished opponent, he suddenly disappears off screen and moments later a Mortal Kombat arcade machine falls from the sky, crushing the other combatant beneath it as it lands on the ground.

9. Smoke's World Destruction Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

When it comes to over the top finishing moves, the prize has to go to Smoke and some of the other robots (Cyrax and Sektor), because they can unleash a barrage of bombs from their chests to ensure that their opponents never make a recovery, and it not only destroys them but the entire planet in the resulting explosion!

8. Sonya's Kiss of Death Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!Having a kiss blown to you is rarely considered to be a bad thing, but if you're facing Sonya it can lead to your imminent demise. As she holds her hand out to her opponent she blows a small ball of light towards them, which gracefully spins through the air before landing at their feet and burning them to a crisp, proving that a kiss can definitely be deadly if you mean it.

7. Kano's Heart Pull Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

I think I find Kano's heart pull fatality to be particularly unpleasant, thanks largely to Mola Ram's exploits during the course of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. This one's about as simple as they come, Kano moves forward and plunges his hand into his enemy's chest, only to withdraw it with their beating heart in tow.

6. Jax's Arm Removal Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

Looking at Jax's build it's not too much of stretch to believe that he'd be capable of ripping both of his opponent's arms clean off their body, which is exactly what his fatality entails, and having had their arms removed the shocked individual is left rooted to the spot, screaming, as blood gushes out from the fresh wounds.

5. Shang Tsung's Soul Rip Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

Shang Tsung is a character that you either love or hate playing with. However, it's hard not to find his soul rip fatality slightly frightening as he levitates his opponent and steals their soul, turning their body to a desiccated husk, but the really off-putting thing about this fatality is his constant chuckling throughout.

4. Sub-Zero's Freezing Fatalities

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

Although Sub-Zero would original just rip his enemy's head clean off their body with their spine dangling out, much like a Predator claiming a new trophy, the fatalities that incorporate his ability to manipulate ice have always been more spectacular, whether he's shattering his opponent after turning them to an icy statue or throwing an ice ball at them causing them to explode!

3. Scorpion's Fire breathing Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

To the unsuspecting population who have never played Mortal Kombat before, Scorpion appears to be just another brawler with a few unique abilities. However, he harbours a sinister secret, which is unveiled as he shows his disgust for an unworthy opponent once they've been severely punished. He rips his mask off to reveal a bleached, evil looking skull underneath, and then proceeds to barbecue his wrecked enemy by breathing fire onto them.

2. Kung Lao's Hat Split Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

As his opponent softly sways in and out of consciousness, Kung Lao calmly removes his steel brimmed hat, before viscously slicing the unfortunate individual from head to toe, bathing him in a shower of blood. A red line then appears down their body, which slowly splits into two pieces that quickly fall to the ground at the victorious warrior's feet. The gore factor of this fatality is pretty high and proves that even in the early games Kung Lao knew how to finish his enemies in style.

1. Liu Kang's Dragon Fatality

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ultimate Ways to FINISH HIM!

This is the fatality that I'll always remember because it was so outlandish that not only did you want to perform it at every given opportunity, but it's stuck firmly in most people's minds. If you've not witnessed this spectacle, Liu Kang basically transforms into a big green dragon and then bites his opponent in half, leaving just their legs and a bloody stump around the waist on screen.

Over the course of the series there have been so many characters who've all had pretty gruesome finishing moves, but I can't help but feel that the ones in this list, are the ones that'll remain in people's memories for years to come. Lets just hope that we're treated to some equally gory ends in the new game, although by the look of Kung Lao's new finishing move at the very end of the trailer I don't think anybody's going to be disappointed.

*Jeeves and Wooster*

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Gunn  Sep. 14, 2010 at 21:39

Yeah the dragon one sticks in my mind too

mmbeak78  Sep. 14, 2010 at 23:06

How is Sub Zero's spine-rip fatality relegated to just a brief mention in the number 4?!?!

That fatality was THE (dis)embodiment of the whole gory ethos of these games!

caner  Oct. 24, 2012 at 19:58

lui kang ejderha fatalıtiy mortal kombat shaolin monks tada kullandım


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