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Top Trumps: Dr Who 91p @ Amazon [PS2 Games]

Lydia Low
Dr. Who, PS2 games, Top Trumps
Playstation 2

Top Trumps: Dr Who 91p @ Amazon [PS2 Games]

Considering the massive popularity of Dr. Who these days (and its successful rebranding from food for geeks to family favourite), it's surprising that it has never received a proper video game makeover. However, while they eschewed the idea of a proper adventure, Eidos did take the slightly bizarre step of marrying Dr. Who with Top Trumps in a delightful game setting.

Amazon are currently selling the Doctor's incredible card-based antics for less than a pound! This is a considerable saving compared to the next best price of £3.49 from Cool Shop.

91p for a game! Amazing! The one, teeny tiny little catch? It's kinda rubbish.

Top Trumps: Dr. Who is based on the animated series rather than the live action show (despite the more than a little misleading cover art) but most of the time you won't even be seeing any of that. Instead you'll mostly be looking at the rather utilitarian interface featuring your hand of cards and very little else. To be fair, it's a bit mean to judge the PS2 by current generation standards but even when pitted against its contemporaries, in terms of graphics, this game can only embarrass itself.Top Trumps: Dr Who 91p @ Amazon [PS2 Games]

If you are a fan of both Top Trumps and Dr. Who then you might, might, just enjoy this game. However the chances are that you would have a much better time with the interaction that comes from a real life game of Top Trumps, although you'll probably have to pay slightly more for the privilege.

Thanks to dontdothatagain at Hotukdeals!

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