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Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World Records

Marius Goubert

Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World RecordsFrom the man who clutched eighteen tennis balls in one hand to the guy who suffered from hiccups for 68 years, the pages of Guinness are home to some bizarre World Records. The realm of video games is no exception, and with the world title of ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’ having recently been bestowed on Batman Arkham Asylum, we take a look at the top five most bizarre games related world records.

5. Only Censored Sports Game

Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World RecordsDevelopers at Acclaim Entertainment must have thought they were really onto something with BMX XXX. The idea of combining nude strippers and extreme sports into a spin-off Dave Mirra BMX game - where you gradually unlock the rider’s layers of clothing – seemed like a guaranteed recipe for success. Assured that the game would be a huge hit with the lucrative young-male-adolescent demographic, bosses at Acclaim Entertainment simply kicked-back and waited for the money to start rolling in.

Unfortunately for them however, most young males were turned off by this combination and preferred instead to just watch real porn. With a predictably angry back-lash, BMX XXX outraged the Aussies, was slammed as crude, censored on PS2, and refused shelf space in Toys R Us, Wal–Mart and IEMA. Dave Mirra began legal proceedings to have his name removed from the box and finally, Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt. Puritans the world over rejoiced.

4. Most Expensive Flight Sim Cockpit

For eight years Matthew Sheil’s wife had excitedly speculated onTop Five Weirdest Computer Game World Records what her husband was doing hammering away in the attic late every night. All she got whenever she ventured to ask was a smile, a wink and the answer, ‘my secret project’. Perhaps, she wondered, he was constructing some romantic observation room where, late at night, they could sip wine, gaze up at the stars and share magical moments together? Perhaps it was a spa? Or maybe some elaborate Jacuzzi with steam room?

When his work was eventually completed she could hardly contain herself… neither could Matthew. Proudly unveiling the fruits of eight years solid labour to his stunned other-half, Matthew revealed an authentic Boeing 747 flight simulator cockpit featuring 12 direction controlling computers, realistic motion supplied by a hydraulics system, and all round LCD monitors. The cockpit cost him approximately $300,000…what a legend!

3. First Gaming Clan to Legally Bind their Players

Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World RecordsWe all know that some people take video games very seriously, but perhaps none more so than Stockholm based Counter Strike-Clan-SK Gaming. Initially known as ‘Schroet Kommando’ (Shrapnel Commando) the clan was pioneered by three Swedish brothers who turned their family home into what became known as SK Headquarters.

Building upon their early successes with Quake 1, 2 and 3, the clan merged with another group Ninjas in Pyjamas to become the undisputed masters of Counter Strike. In 2003, the clan distributed contracts to their players which legally bound them to SK Gaming. The group even received an undisclosed fee for a player transfer when Ola "elemeNt" Moum was bought by SK rivals Team NOA.

2. First Computer Game Console In a Nuclear Weapons Conspiracy

In December 2000 the world held its breath after it emerged 4,000 Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World RecordsPlaystation 2s had somehow slipped through US customs and been exported to Iraq. By the time the FBI realised that the shipment had been mistakenly identified as ‘Video Game Systems’ when it should have been designated ‘Computer Hardware’, it was too late. The PS2s had fallen into the clutches of evil dictator Saddam Hussein.

In a desperate race against time, UN weapons inspectors flew through the Iraqi desert in a bid to stop Saddam utilizing the power of all those Playstation 2s and creating a doomsday device capable of destroying the entire world. Upon their arrival however, the inspectors were reassured that Saddam had no such intention after he broke down in tears, admitted he had forgotten to order any games and begged the inspectors to accept twelve camels in exchange for a copy of Grand Theft Auto 3.

1. Longest Prison Sentence for Playing a Computer Game

Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World RecordsBut the title of most bizarre computer games' Guinness World Record ever has to go to the UK’s very own Faiz Chopdat. Returning to Manchester airport aboard a Boeing 747 after his honeymoon in Egypt, Mr Chopdat was reproached by a vigilant member of the flight crew after they spotted him playing Tetris on his mobile phone. He was immediately told to switch it off and reminded that mobile phone signals can interfere with an aircraft’s navigation and communication systems.

But - traumatized passengers and flight crew told a packed court -Chopdat must have been on some sort of roll, as one hour later his phone was seen ‘still illuminated’. He was reprimanded once again by the air hostess who, becoming desperate, pleaded with Chopdat that he was putting the lives of his fellow passengers in mortal danger.

However, fifteen minutes later, Chopdat was still playing Tetris and, as passengers cowered behind their seats while the theme tune continued ringing out through the aircraft, pilots were forced to radio Manchester airport for help. Chopdat was arrested as soon as the aircraft touched down and sentenced to four months hard time.

Top Five Weirdest Computer Game World Records

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Lydia Low  Sep. 21, 2009 at 15:01

Must have been a great honeymoon if the guy was desperately trying to play Tetris all the way home..!

Mark  Sep. 21, 2009 at 15:21

It's Dave MIRRA. Nobody has ever been called Mirror, ever. You can't have a surname that follows a British red-top, apart from Sir Stanley Daily-Mail, ok?

Marius Goubert  Sep. 21, 2009 at 15:39

Corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!

Len  Sep. 28, 2009 at 14:27

interesting reading.

Kim  Mar. 31, 2010 at 12:13

I think i Lol'ed myself to sleep when i read number 2.


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