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From Treyarch's Free Multiplayer To More Team Ico Bundle Rumours - News Roundup 11th September 2010

Matt Gardner
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch: Black Ops Multiplayer Will Always Be Free To Play

From Treyarch's Free Multiplayer To More Team Ico Bundle Rumours - News Roundup 11th September 2010

With EA's Online Pass and THQ's similar systems, not to mention Ubisoft's dalliance with game-breaking DRM, sneakily worming holes into the pockets of gamers everywhere and trying to stifle and suffocate the used games market, Treyarch have issued a statement suggesting that siphoning more money out of your audience isn't necessary to promote new games, and that they will be instead be advocating massive post-release support to gamers from trading in their copies:

'I want to take that in the other direction and bring consumers really great reasons to keep their games, rather than trade them in,' said studio head Mark Lamia. 'Multiplayer is critical to the success of this series. It has such tremendous staying power – there are millions of people playing Call of Duty every day.

'It’s entertaining people on a magnitude that’s mind-blowing and we work really hard to make sure it’s supported for a long time. The effort that goes into the multiplayer is a living thing – we have a team that continues to work on it for World At War. We’ve done that for a long time and expect to do so for this game.“We’re going to support the hell out of Black Ops. That will be our focus post-release: making sure we keep our fans engaged, and hopefully as a result, they’ll want to keep playing our game and won’t want to trade it in.'

Considering Bobby Kotick's ruminations regarding possible subscription fees, we rather think that this is excellent news. No one time codes for Black Ops' multiplayer is a refreshing statement of intent. It's sad to see it being touted as a heroic achievement though: multiplayer is a boxed standard, not a special feature.[MCV]

LucasArts: X360 Preferred For Game Builds

From Treyarch's Free Multiplayer To More Team Ico Bundle Rumours - News Roundup 11th September 2010

Shock horror! Another developer prefers to build on the X360 rather than the PS3. The Force Unleashed's producer Cameron Suey has admitted in an interview that PS3 version of the lightsaber-toting game was broadly inferior because of the building process, suggesting that he prefers 'putting builds on the 360' and that 'There were times, especially on the original Force Unleashed, where on the PS3, we weren't quite up to speed.'

That said, the game was still fairly average on both console platforms, with few immediately visible differences. This isn't the first time, though, that Sony fans might well have felt a certain pang of indignation at the fact that the superior power of the PS3 is being hampered by a number of developers preferring to build most of their games mostly using the Xbox before then broadening out and porting across in the final third. [GamesRadar]

Walmart Lists Team Ico Bundle For PS3

From Treyarch's Free Multiplayer To More Team Ico Bundle Rumours - News Roundup 11th September 2010

Well Sony still haven't fully confirmed it yet, but there's yet more fire to feed flames of the rumours surrounding the possibly impending release of a Team Ico bundle on PS3. It would appear that American shopping giant Walmart is taking pre-orders for a double bundle pack featuring Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Forget God of War, forget your Killzone 3...this would be an absolutely magnificent addition to the PS3's arsenal. Rumour or not, this is absolutely something we want! [Kotaku]

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zax  Sep. 11, 2010 at 23:55

If all these publishers choose to ask us to pay for Multiplayer experience, we will all go back and play even more Counter Strike.

I pity them fools!


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