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Trion Hand Out Boosts For Defiance After Shaky Launch

Carl Phillips
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Trion Hand Out Boosts For Defiance After Shaky Launch

"Massive Client Patch" Coming Next Week

Once again proving that no MMO-centric game is immune from niggling launch issues, Trion Worlds has decided to gift early adopters of online shooter Defiance with some in-game boosts for all characters. The 7-day boosts will provide faster XP and Scrip (money) gain, a higher chance for loot, and an increase in weapon skill gain. On top of this, launch players will also get an exclusive 'Daredevil' title for their characters.

In an email sent to all current players, executive producer Nathan Richardsson also mentioned that a huge client patch would be released next week, "and then another two weeks after that." He went on to insist that Trion were serious about keeping the content and fixes coming for their newly-released title, closing his message by stating "we're not afraid of commitment. And we're in this for the (very) long haul."

You may be wondering where our review for Defiance is, and we can assure you that it is on its way. We only received our review copies in this week, but myself, Jon, and Matt are heading into the world of Defiance, so you can expect the first part of our review to be hitting the site in the near future (which will cover both the PC and console versions of the game.) In the meantime, you can check out our latest episodes of Dealspwn Playthrough to get an idea of what to expect from Trion's MMO shooter.

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