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E. X. Troopers Gets Another Trailer, Makes Us Sad

Matt Gardner
3DS Games, Capcom, E.X. Troopers, Videos

E. X. Troopers Gets Another Trailer, Makes Us Sad

Why walk? E. X. Troopers asks us. Why not use your jetpack instead of trudging about the place? And then jump into a giant badass space mech and battle other giant badass space mechs before heading back onto solid ground and annihilating some marauding bugs with tight controls and slick powers?

Capcom are just being mean now.

Having essentially refused to release E. X. Troopers over here in the West, we're forced to sit and watch these fantastic trailers (oh look, there's an awesome new one!), rocking back and forth in a dark corner, weeping into a flannel, and only dreaming of the fun we could be having with our 3DS consoles.

Well boo to you, Capcom.

Thanks AGB.

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