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Tropico III £14.93 @ The Hut [Xbox360]

Tamsin Oxford
Real time strategy, Xbox 360 games
Xbox 360

Tropico III £14.93 @ The Hut [Xbox360]

There are the big blockbusters that have you drooling into your keyboards from the moment they are announced, and then there are those little games that lurk in dark corners and leap upon you unexpectedly. This is possibly one of those titles.

The cold war is in full swing and you’ve seized power of the Caribbean island of Tropico. You are the El Presidente, the Big Cheese, The Kahuna, Bwana, etc etc. It is your choice as to what you want to do with this delightful tropical island but, be warned, your people will want to know why...

A light hearted and immersive RTS, Tropico III offers up fifteen different missions, a variety of business sectors, editing and modification functions and online extras. It won’t necessarily tip the charts and enthrall the hordes, but anyone who has a tendency to tidy things up and manage people will love it.Tropico III £14.93 @ The Hut [Xbox360]

The price is good, the game is on its third instalment, so it can’t be all bad, and you are guaranteed enough fun to warrant the expense. May the dictatorship be with you.

Thanks to davver99 at HUKD!

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