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Trucker's Delight Episode 1 | FREE (Weekend Only) | App Store | iPhone

Jonathan Lester
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Trucker's Delight Episode 1 | FREE (Weekend Only) | App Store | iPhone
  • What: Trucker's Delight Episode 1
  • Where: App Store
  • Current Price: FREE Until Sunday night

First things first: Trucker's Delight is loosely based on the very first part of a decidedly NSFW geek meme-inspired music video. The source material isn't inspired- and we certainly don't endorse it- but the game itself is a fun and capable clone of Outrun. You'll need to dodge your 18-wheeler between vehicles and chase down your target, essentially providing a driving dodge 'em up rather than a racing game. The accelerometer tilt control works extremely well, and you may just find yourself a true go-to game.

Oh, and it's free until Sunday night. We have a strong suspicion that the next episode won't even be suitable for us to recommend!

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Tazman  Jan. 15, 2011 at 19:29

Sorry me again, 1001 apologies. But us HUKD'ers beat you guys again:


Posted 2am (a full 9 hours before your post). we don't get any sleep either!


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