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Turn 10: The Sim vs. Arcade Debate Is "Bullshit"

Matt Gardner
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Turn 10: The Sim vs. Arcade Debate Is "Bullshit"

Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt has hit back at suggestions that Forza Horizon is abandoning the series' "simulation roots" to become an arcade game, suggesting that the team have never approached development with those terms in the back of their mind, calling the debate out as "bullshit" and suggesting that teams who do speak in such terms are merely excusing lazy design.

"The whole simulation vs. arcade debate is bullshit," he said at a recent preview event. "Don't create sim vs arcade, that's just an excuse for lazy design. In arcade games, the car is disposable. You might start off with something like a Ford Focus, for example, but as soon as you unlock that Mustang the Focus is forgotten about, it's redundant. Now I'm not saying that's not fun, there are plenty of good arcade games. But it's not Forza."

Forza Horizon, developed by Playground Games and overseen by Turn 10, is set to abandon "shaving milliseconds off of your lap time around the Nurburgring" for a "celebration of driving" geared around a central festival - the titular Horizon. It will feature the same physics set as Forza 4, and Greenawalt says that if anything, it's possibly the game that most truly encapsulates the Forza mission statement.

"I think Forza has always been accessible," he told Dealspwn, "this is just an extension of that. We certainly never defined ourselves in terms of simulation driving, rather our starting point was always just a love of cars and of driving in general. At the end of the day, t's about turning gamers into petrolheads and petrolheads into gamers."

Forza Horizon is out on October 23rd for Xbox 360.


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