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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty £4.95 @ The Game Collection

Matt Gardner
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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty £4.95 @ The Game Collection

Ever wondered what the world might have become if the Nazis had won the war sixty years ago? Codemasters have, and bring the gaming world an alternative history in which Winston Churchill passed away eight years before the start of WW2 in this FPS from 2008.

If you fancy sneaking a peek at this divergent reality and want a bit of Nazi-fighting action with a different, you might be pleased to know that The Game Collection is currently offering the game for just £4.95, over £2.50 cheaper than the nearest competitor (Tesco - £7.47).

Turning Point is built upon an interesting premise: you play Dan Carson, a New York construction worker with no particular military training whatsoever. Dan's current project is blown to bits by a surprise invasion from German/Japanese forces and he narrowly escapes with his life, joins up with the National Guard and starts learning how to survive in an environment of total war. You follow Dan from NYC across America and eventually to London as he works his way up from resistance newbie to freedom fighting veteran.

Unfortunately, for a game with such a great initial idea, it rapidly becomes just another faceless 'shoot-the-Nazis' game. The plot quickly takes a backseat to the fairly average and mundane action. There are no particularly impressive setpieces, or fraught firefights, and it's all a bit too easy. The game looks good enough and the score is quite impressive, giving the game at least some semblance of atmosphere, but the action itself is a bit lacking when compared to some of the other games around.

Having said that, it's going for under a fiver, and is worth checking out if only for the curious setting of the whole thing. It's a competent enough shooter, but don't expect to be overwhelmed, and the initial plot practically sets you up for under-developed disappointment later on.

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