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Shrewd Business or the End of Days? - Twitter Reacts as Microsoft buy Minecraft for $2.5 billion

Matt Gardner
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Shrewd Business or the End of Days? - Twitter Reacts as Microsoft buy Minecraft for .5 billion

No, that title is not a typo.

Let's face it, Microsoft didn't really buy Mojang for, well, Mojang... they dropped $2.5 billion for the privilege of owning Minecraft, and it's fairly easy to see why. It's a time of transition for Mojang, of course. What indie culture existed there is changed forever by this, not least because of the departure of several of the studio's founders, Notch included. It's not about the money, apparently, but rather to avoid going insane.

Given how massive Minecraft has become, for a mild-mannered bearded chap who just wants to go about making little games that interest him once again, I can't say that I blame Persson.

Minecraft is huge, it's gone beyond games to the point where it's now used fairly widely as an educational tool. As Notch wrote in his farewell blog post, Minecraft belongs to its millions of fans as well as Microsoft. There's a lot of love for the voxel-based trailblazer, and there were a range of reactions to the confirmation of the buyout on Twitter, even when the buyout was a mere whisper.

Sorry, Wil.

Some were confused by the amount of money that Microsoft had paid...

Others saw it as something of a bargain, and a shrewd bit of business for Microsoft and Mojang alike...

The Daily Mail even waded in with some seriously outrageous claims...

And then the jokes started, mainly at Microsoft's expense...

In fact, the fake Kaz Hirai account had an even better one later on...

But it was somewhat bittersweet to hear Notch's reasoning for leaving Mojang behind...

Still, plenty looked ahead to what the future might entail for Minecraft under Microsoft...

What's your take on the MS/Mojang takeover?

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TungstenShark  Sep. 16, 2014 at 17:47

Try as I might I can't get my head around that $2.5 billion dollars. Microsoft must have put together an extremely detailed plan to justify that amount but personally I can't see how they're going to make their money back. You just have to look at the examples of King, Zinga and Rovio to see that having one very popular product doesn't ensure continuing success and it's associated revenue. Mojang may be the mother of all one trick ponies but as with those other companies I've mentioned that's basically what it is! If for any reason the public's taste for Minecraft fades (such as being owned by Microsoft - the embarrassing dad of the gaming world) then there goes all that loot.

So in summary, great news for Notch & co. He can now go off and buy an Island to be alone on, possible the Maldives or Tonga 4 times over. But maybe not so great news for everyone else including Microsoft themselves.

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