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Ubisoft: AC III Made Possible By Annualised Releases

Matt Gardner
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Ubisoft: AC III Made Possible By Annualised Releases

Assassin's Creed III's creative director - Alex Hutchinson - has explained how the series overhaul for this sequel was made possible by the annualised material that arrived in the form of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Revelations.

"We have multiple groups now working [on the series]. We started this one in January 2010, the same time as Brotherhood and before Revelations," he told Eurogamer at e3 this year.

"The core team on this one has been working at it for almost three years, which is something you can almost never get in the industry these days - it's too expensive, too risky. So we need the other projects to support that kind of development - these big jumps."

To be fair, we were worried when Ubisoft announced Brotherhood, only to be incredibly satisfied when it actually arrived. That allowance had waned somewhat by the time Revelations came around, but Hutchinson observed that people only start complaining about frequent releases when they start finding issues in the games.

"It's funny, people say it's about how often you release new entries, but I really think it's about how good they are," he added.

"If they put out Breaking Bad every day I'd watch it every day. I wouldn't need other TV. So I think this usually comes up when people aren't satisfied with something we did.

"Also, the beauty of Assassin's is that if you do it right it's kind of a new IP. It's still about navigation and combat, but it's a brand new hero, brand new setting, brand new fantasy. It really is as close as you could get to a big budget new IP late in the hardware cycle."

We were impressed by the shift in locale and tone, not to mention the naval battles exhibited at E3, but where will the series go next? Hutchinson isn't telling, and neither is he letting on whether or not we can expect AC3 to become a trilogy for connor, much in the same way as Ezio.

"I think we've become much better at planning forward in the franchise so we have ideas," he continued.

"But we also know players love new characters and radical changes so we're still figuring a few things out. I don't know. I think it would be kind of neat at some point to say 'Connor is a character, he lived in this big epic game, that's his story', instead of trying to drag it out too much.

"But then again, it took up 18 months in terms of casting actors, building 20 or 30 versions of the outfit... just working on all these things to get it right, so it's not something you can do quickly."

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Doors  Jun. 11, 2012 at 21:29

The problem with revelations was that there was no inovation realy from Brotherhood. I actually resent paying full price for a game which was essentially same. What ever happened to expansion pack that cost a fraction of the cost of a full game (DLC is not the same as is usually on a tit bit), I hope AC3 is the leap forward we want it to be

Last edited by Doors, Jun. 11, 2012 at 21:29


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