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Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference | Farcry 3

Josh Clark
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Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference | Farcry 3

Were you as disillusioned by Farcry 2 as we were?  If the answer is 'yes' , then we might just have some good news for you.  Ubisoft have lifted the veil on the oft-rumoured Farcry 3 during their E3 conference, and it's looking pretty slick.  Keeping everything they got right in Farcry 2 (namely the immersion), and giving it the sense of direction and purpose that was so lacking in its predecessor, Farcry 3 looks set to draw us back to a tropical paradise before quite literally shooting us down.

As Ubisoft Montreal's Dan Hay put it, "you are Jason Brody.  Your girlfriend's missing, your boat's been destroyed, you're trapped on a mysterious island, and everyone on it is crazy."  We're introduced to aforementioned tropical paradise, its lush green landscape marred by the bodies of innocents, executed by the local militia.  Brody views one such execution through binoculars, before turning all-too-late to see the butt of a gun descending on his fragile face.

Waking up, we're introduced to quite possibly one of the most sinister antagonists seen in a long time.  Outlining the definition of 'insanity' (or at least his version of it), his temper flares out of control as Brody sits, bound helplessly to a sizeable boulder.  Over the villain's shoulder we see a man meeting a similar fate, pushed over the edge of a cliff, into the river below with a rock tied to his ankles.  Before there's time to gather your composure, Brody is shoved into the river himself, starting a long, drawn-out sequence as our protagonist fights against his ropes to avoid drowning.

Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference | Farcry 3

It's time to right the wrongs done by Farcry 2, with fire if necessary...

When he eventually reaches land, we're introduced to some of the gameplay elements.  As in the first game, stealth plays a crucial role, and thankfully, it doesn't appear to suffer from the same drawbacks.  The enemies aren't eagle-eyed crack-shots able to see through solid objects this time around, and Brody is able to mete out a few beatings of his own on his unsuspecting victims.  One particularly cool stealth manoeuvre sees you attack an enemy with a knife, before withdrawing and flinging it at another enemy.  It looks great, and it gives us a taster of what to expect.

The demo ends with a hijacked helicopter ride cut short, as your escape vehicle is shot down, crushing you in the wreckage as it hits the ground.  Mr. Insanity emerges from the undergrowth to philosophise once more, and we cut to black.

Farcry 3 is looking polished, and the voice acting and animation was absolutely convincing.  We'll be keeping a close eye on it, and hopefully we'll have more information to spill very soon.

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