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Ubisoft Financial Performance Affected By Wii U "Low Tie-In Ratios"

Matt Gardner
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Ubisoft Financial Performance Affected By Wii U "Low Tie-In Ratios"

Hilariously Points Towards Upcoming New Brands On The System For Expanding Sales Potential

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated in a recent investor call that he's "satisfied" thus far with the launch of the Wii U, and pretty happy with the market share that Ubisoft has sustained on the platform in both North America and Europe. However, he also highlighted the negative impact of "low tie-in ratios" on software sales.

"Regarding Wii U, while we are satisfied by our market share in the US and Europe – at respectively 20% and 27% – our performance was impacted by low-tie ratios. Nintendo has recently announced the coming release of some of their great brands on Wii U, and we believe it will boost its potential." - Yves Guillemot


What with every critic and their mums waxing lyrical over Rayman Legends, not to mention anyone who picked up the demo or checked it out at the many public appearances that the game has made over the past year on the convention circuit, it seems a little rich for Ubisoft to be taking about boosting the Wii U's potential when they've just delayed what was shaping up to be an exclusive for the Wii U, for no good reason whatsoever, sticking the finger up to Nintendo, Wii U early adopters, and the Legends dev team. [via NL]

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stevenjameshyde  Feb. 14, 2013 at 12:23

Beneath all the baffling business-speak, he makes a good point. The Wii U has sold, what, 3 million units? With that sort of install base and the 'low tie-in ratios' cited above, Rayman would struggle to shift half a million

The main way that the install base is going to increase is when Nintendo launch their killer first-party exclusives - a 3D Mario or Zelda will probably sell 10 million Wii U's without breaking a sweat; Rayman Legends on it's own doesn't have that sort of system-selling potential. It makes sound financial sense to delay the release of Rayman until something else has done the job of increasing the Wii U's install base for you


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