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Ubisoft Gearing Up For New Rainbow Six Announcement?

Felix Kemp
Rainbow Six, Rainbox Six: Patriots, Ubisoft

Ubisoft Gearing Up For New Rainbow Six Announcement?

Domain Names Suggest So

Just this last June, we brought you the news that Ubisoft was working on an exciting new adventure in the Rainbow Six universe. Rumor has it the new game would feature so-called 'moral choices' and an emphasis on plot and character over sheer mindless action. It ruffled a few weathers but also excited a lot of us, and now a number of domain registrations straight from Ubisoft pertaining to a Rainbow Six game subtitled 'Patriot' suggest an announcement isn't far off.

The domains in question are Rainbow6Patriots.com and RainbowsixPatriots.com. They were filed last week, along with a mysterious new Assassin's Creed domain subtitled 'Recollections'. The publisher filed a total of eight new domains, the former three plus horsehaventhegame.com, leslapinscretinslatresgrosseappli.com, leslapinscretinslatresgrosseapplihd.com, princeofpersiaclassic.com, and rabbidsgophoneagain.com. So I think it's safe to say we've a few new titles from Ubisoft to look forward to.

Furthermore, Fusible updated their original post on the trademarks with an exclusive leak courtesy of BLITZ. According to their source, Rainbow Six: Patriots will be unveiled next month in the Xbox World Magazine. Ubisoft has already begun dispatching assets to select media outlets, and BLITZ describes the Patriots art as depicting a New York "in flames" with the Rainbow Six team wearing clothing "very similar to Homefront". They'll be fighting revolutionist terrorists, which was also outed in the prior leak from Kotaku. [Fusible]

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