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From Ubisoft Gun Fiasco to the Gun at Kamiya's Head - News Roundup 19th April 2010

Jonathan Lester
Activision, Kamiya, Sledgehammer, Splinter Cell Conviction, Star Fox, Ubisoft

Armed Police Assault Splinter Cell PR Stunt

From Ubisoft Gun Fiasco to the Gun at Kamiya's Head - News Roundup 19th April 2010

Armed police were called to an Auckland pub after a Ubisoft PR actor brandished a fake gun at the terrified clientele. Designed to be a publicity stunt for Splinter Cell Conviction, the promotions worker actually caused his audience to dive for cover and call for armed police backup due to his threatening behavior.

"This guy with bandages on his hands pointed a gun at customers sitting outside. They were pretty terrified." - Steph Kurtovich, Manager and Eyewitness

Two men were cautioned at the scene when the police arrived- frankly, the PR worker was lucky to get off with a warning as opposed to jail time or a bad case of death. Monaco Corporation, the publicity office behind the stunt, apologised for the misunderstanding and denied that it was a cynical cry for attention. Naturally, they also blamed it on a subcontractor. There's nothing better than plausible deniability.

"This was by no means an attempt to get cops down there and get this sort of exposure. We do apologise, we shouldn't have had guns down there."

No shift, Sherlock. Having said that, all publicity is good publicity- and getting the police involved is a sure-fire way to get noticed. [NZ Herald]

Bayonetta Creator Volunteers to Develop New Star Fox...

From Ubisoft Gun Fiasco to the Gun at Kamiya's Head - News Roundup 19th April 2010

We recently featured a throwaway comment from Shigeru Miyamoto stating that he'd love to see a new Starwing/Star Fox title on the Wii... but we haven't seen a true sequel since the surprisingly capable DS strategy remake a few years back. Luckily Hideki Kamiya, the legendary developer behind Okami, Bayonetta and the DMC series has actually volunteered his services to create a new Star Fox game!

"I want someone from Nintendo to come to Platinum, point a gun and say, "You people make the the new Star Fox game."

For God's sake, Nintendo: pull the trigger on this one. We miss Star Fox like the desert misses the rain. Do a barrel roll! [Kamiya's Translated Twitter Feed via Kotaku]

New Sledgehammer CoD will "Broaden the Audience"

From Ubisoft Gun Fiasco to the Gun at Kamiya's Head - News Roundup 19th April 2010

Activision could do with some good publicity right about now, so naturally they're keen to reassure us that they've got some quality games in the pipeline. They've got no less than three studios currently working on CoD titles at the moment: the gutted Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer. We already know that IW are working on another map pack for MW2 and Treyarch are bringing us some gritty Vietnam horrors of war... but Sledgehammer have been keeping fairly quiet about their current project.

We've previously surmised that Sledgehammer's working on an Action-Adventure title rather than an FPS- and the latest info seems to back that up. In an interview with the LA Times, Activision COO Thomas Tippi has stated that Sledgehammer's project will provide an "innovative take that will further broaden the audience for Call of Duty.”

Exciting stuff. We'll keep you posted. [VG247]

Could you give a damn about the constant Activision coverage? Want Kamiya to develop a new StarFox title? Noticed a spelling mistake? Drop us a line in the comments!

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Matt Gardner  Apr. 19, 2010 at 16:09

God I hate Slippy Toad....

ODB  Apr. 20, 2010 at 11:02

aw god....Vietnam, gritty, horror, war.....


getting wet! cannot wait!!!

Matt Gardner  Apr. 20, 2010 at 11:26

I'm a little worried about Treyarch's credentials, World at War and Spider-man 2 being the only really good games that they've done. There was a half-decent Clancy-esque cover mechanic in Quantum of Solace but otherwise that game was a great big pile of poo.

More disturbingly, no-one's ever really created a good Vietnam game. Both Vietcong and Shellshock were too rushed and buggy and Battlefield: Vietnam was hardly the standout game of the series (although I actually really like it).

Excitement on hold for me....

donttouchthehair  Apr. 20, 2010 at 11:53

Someone please pull the trigger on Slippy.

ODB  Apr. 20, 2010 at 13:13

no way...Vietcong & Fist Alpha were AWESOME (on the PC.Never got Vietcong 2 to run)!!! Shellshock was pretty good too and I loved Conflict:Vietnam (I loved ALL the Conflict games until they decided to ruin the whole franchise!).

To be honest if they just make it the same as WaW I'll be happy...I'm not asking much but just a general ok game would do me. Annoys the hell out of me that no one has done Vietnam games justice yet, you have a mixture of urban and jungle warfare, nice mix of weaponry...early weapons eg Thompson starting to breakthrough to M16's, decent air support eg Airstrikes, Hueys, bombers etc, they could even do it MW2 style with inter-changeable kill perks etc. Plus if they use WaW they've already got the facial mapping and some of the locations sorted....they could just port them across

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