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Ubisoft: 'Not Every Experience On The 360 Is Going To Be Better On Kinect'

Matt Gardner
Kinect, Ubisoft

Ubisoft: 'Not Every Experience On The 360 Is Going To Be Better On Kinect'

Ubisoft's Tony Key has suggested that the key to integrating Kinect into more games is 'balance' and that just because Kinect functionality is a possibility with future games, that doesn't mean that its integration will make the game better, far from it.

'One of the reasons we don’t have core gamers for the Kinect is because of the time and intensity it would take to try and match exactly what a controller does,' said Key, speaking to Gamasutra. 'But then at the same time, why would you? It’s a different experience. Not every experience on the 360 is going to be better on Kinect, or even could be or should be. There should be games developed for all kinds of scenarios, whether you’re sitting on the couch or you’re standing up.'

Key used the Wii as an example of a platform that kickstarted the motion-control revolution but failed to capture the mind of the hardcore crowd, suggesting that this was because no-one really figured out how to make a shooter experience on the Wii that would be able to match up to the triple-A titles on the HD consoles outside of on-rails shooters.

'Nobody figured out on the Wii how to actually improve the shooter experience via the Wiimote. That’s not to say that that couldn’t have happened, but nobody figured it out. Nobody figured out how to make any Call of Duty or Ghost Recon or anything better on the Wii because of the motion control. Somebody needs to figure that out on the Kinect too.'

Not that Ubisoft are shying away from the challenge, but Key believes that to unlock the camera's potential that balance is important, and an awareness of players keeping the controller in hand is something to be looked into as well.

'Building Kinect functionality into a core game is still something we’re all toying with, because we still have to decide how does it really improve the experience? If it doesn’t improve the experience, then what’s the point? The gamers won’t support it anyway. So what we’ve done is we’ve added extra things that if you have a Kinect you can do it. But those things are coming, the hand commands and stuff. But what we have to figure out is, is that feasible while you’re holding the controller in your hand? You have to have all that balance.'

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