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Ubisoft Question Media Over Rocksmith Reaction

Felix Kemp
Innovation, Rocksmith, Ubisoft

Ubisoft Question Media Over Rocksmith Reaction

"As Much As They Claim They Want Innovation, They Don't"

Despite our constant cries for innovation in gaming, we're not actually interested in breaking the mold as critics and consumers. That's according to Ubisoft, who in the wake of Rocksmith's decidedly average reception have launched an attack on the critics who awarded it such damning scores, claiming their obsession with innovation is false.

"As much as they claim they want innovation, they don't," grumbles Ubisoft's Laurent Detoc, in regards to the low scores Rocksmith received upon release. Rocksmith is a musical game with an emphasis on teaching players the basics of actual instrumentation, but was delayed in Europe due to a trademark issue. "We, as human beings, tend to like what we know. But more importantly, we call ourselves gamers. Are we gamers - or players?"

"As our industry evolves, we need to be more mature and find a way to look at content and judge it as if we were real consumers instead of as gamers," Detoc went on. He argued critics need to judge products "for what they are", rather than stacking up an action romp like Assassin's Creed next to a dance simulator like Just Dance. "We can't expect critics to be experts at everything."

What do you think, Dealspwners? Is the industry's supposed interest in innovation actually a lie? Or are Ubisoft simply being sour over their product being poorly received? [Gamasutra]

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