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Ubisoft Reveal Revelations Was Not Rushed

Felix Kemp
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Ubisoft Reveal Revelations Was Not Rushed

Jon's already revealed what to expect from the next Assassins Creed adventure, and while we're all excited to see Ezio's adventure brought to a close and Altair's journey fleshed out, we're a tad disappointed - and a little worried - to see yet another AC game within less than a year. However, according to Ubisoft, Revelations is no simple cash-in "rush job", with no less two thousand staff working hard on the game across six studios worldwide.

"Production itself takes about a year," Revelations director Alexandre Amancio explains, "but keep in mind we've planned it far in advance". Brotherhood was released in November of last year, and Revelations is due at a similar date in 2011, so the development period is, no matter how Amancio spins it, hasty. But considering the abrupt nature of Brotherhood's frankly shocking conclusion, I'm inclined to believe Ubisoft know what they want to do next.

And they're not skimping on production values either. Over two thousand employees, from Ubisoft Québec, Annecy and Bucharest. Singapore, Massive and not to mention studio proper, Montreal, are hard at work ensuring Revelations continues Assassin's Creed's strong tradition of improving and iterating with each edition. "We always aim for a 90-plus game," Amancio declares.

He also let slip a few choice details, too. Beware, however, as spoilers follow! If you can remember the end of Brotherhood, Desmond was contacted by an ethereal spirit, Juno, seemingly of extraterrestrial - or at the very least supernatural - origin, who forced Desmond to seemingly kill Lucy. Amancio explains the mysteries such as "Minerva and Juno" will be answered, along with a more thorough look at the 2012 plot-line Desmond's embroiled in.

Ezio is set to end his adventure in Revelations, now fifty years of age, his life as a master assassin becoming more and more dangerous by the day. And according to Amancio, Revelations will explain why Ezio is "so important" and how Altair - who's making a return - plays a part in his destiny. I have to admit, after all this, I can't help but be excited. Stay tuned. [Game Informer]

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