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Ubisoft: Rocksmith Facebook Post An Error, 'Does Not Have A Release Date For Europe'

Matt Gardner
Localisation, Music games, Rocksmith, Ubisoft

Ubisoft: Rocksmith Facebook Post An Error, 'Does Not Have A Release Date For Europe'

Well this is interesting. With many sites reporting yesterday that Rocksmith was bound for Europe in 2012, we thought we'd see if Ubisoft's official party line had changed. It turns out that it hasn't, with the publisher telling us today that there's no release date, and shooting down rumours of a European release in general.

The Rocksmith Facebook page sported a post yesterday claiming that 'Rocksmith will not be available in Europe until 2012' due to 'music licensing and other external factors', the post also said that the developers were 'working hard to ensure that everyone in Europe can get their hands on Rocksmith as soon as possible'.

We contacted Ubisoft UK for comment, having received disappointing news previously in relation to this same topic. Online Marketing Executive Nate Fury gave us the following statement: 'That Facebook post was made in error, it should have been removed by now. Rocksmith does not have a release date for Europe and there are currently no plans to release it here.'

Naturally, Mr. Fury didn't not elaborate whether or not the error was in the information, or the act of posting said information.

Hmm. Either someone's telling porkies or someone let something slip that they shouldn't have. Of course, with music licences involved and reams of copyright law to wade through, it could be that Ubisoft are just treading extremely carefully. Or testing the waters to see just how much we want it (Lots!!! - Ed.). Or both.

Or it really isn't coming.

We've followed this statement up again and if we hear anything back, we'll let you know. Worth noting that the FB post has yet to be removed.

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