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Ubisoft's Next Round Of Kinect Titles Cater To Mainstream

Felix Kemp
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Just Dance 3, Kinect, Ubisoft, Your Shape 2012

Ubisoft's Next Round Of Kinect Titles Cater To Mainstream

Nine New Kinect Games In The Works

Ubisoft's pretty fond of Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect peripheral, having been crowned the top third-party publisher on the platform. With 10 million Kinect units in 10 million homes worldwide, Ubisoft have a lucrative base to milk for every cent they earn build upon, with no less than nine Kinect titles well into development. However, if you were hoping for the likes of Assassins Creed or any other hardcore titles from Ubisoft's stable to make an appearance on Kinect, we're afraid they're upcoming lineup is focused on the mainstream, casual audience.

"We got in early, we took our best shot with those games at the time and they sold well -- we were the number one third-party publisher," boasts Ubisoft's VP of sales and marketing, Tony Key. "But what we learned from that was that there's so much more that we can do and so many more improvements that can be done. Some of these games are iterations from last year and technology iterations, so there are sequels out here, and then there are new experiences, but all of them are benefiting from what we learned by launching early. If you don't launch early, then you don't learn what the consumer thinks of your game. And consumer feedback is a huge part of our developmental strategy nowadays."

I suppose you can't fault Key's philosophy. Ubisoft's Kinect titles geared for the casual market sold above expectations, and as such the company is refocusing their efforts on that market. Ubisoft's Kinect titles currently in development include Hole in the Wall, Motion Sports: Adrenaline, The Adventures of Tintin, Rabbids: Alive and Kicking, Powerup Heroes, Just Dance 3, The Black Eyed Peas Experience and Your Shape 2012. Key is adamant that the lessons learned from the original launch lineup have had a beneficial impact on these games.

However, where are the Kinect games tailored for the hardcore? Ghost Recon: Future Soldier appears to be the only title that fits that particular description. It's difficult to fault publishers, however; with a considerable lack of hardcore gamers picking up Kinect, a suitably hardcore game represents a big financial risk. Key, however, is optimistic of his company's future with Kinect.

"We knew this year we would have to do even more, even better games and that's what our goal is," he explains. "We have many more in number than we did last year and all of them are better games than we did last year." While I admit Key has a right to his opinions, I'd have to say some of the games really were a bit hollow -- on Kinect, at least." [Joystiq]

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