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UFC Undisputed 3 Unveiled

Felix Kemp
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UFC Undisputed 3 Unveiled

Tom quite enjoyed UFC Undisputed 2010 last year, but had a few choice issues we all hoped might be addressed in the next pugilistic iteration. And now publisher THQ has announced the sequel, UFC Undisputed 3, due in the early stages of 2012 and promising to deliver the most "competitive and engaging MMA experience to date".

THQ is aiming to deliver the most brutal, competitive and feature-rich UFC to date, and have a list as long as your arm to help demonstrate this. First up, they're including Pride Mode, a self-described "no-holds-barred Japanese MMA league", where you can perform "soccer-style kicks to the head" and "ground-stomps". Sounds... dizzying?

Next up, THQ are promising a wealth of new finishers to end the match with suitably brutal efficiency. And along with new finishers, you can expect to force your opponents into surrendering with a variety of new submission moves and techniques, with THQ upping the presentation value so every arm wrenched from its socket and leg bent to unnatural angles evokes the appropriate response.

Over 150 UFC combatants are promised, rendered in exquisite detail so every sweating pore, bleeding nose and shattered cheekbone is instantly recognizable to UFC fans. THQ also claim the online offerings have been improved massively, along with how matches are presented, giving you a variety of angles to choose from.

We'll have more for you on UFC Undisputed 3 as it develops. [Eurogamer]

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