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Uhrman: "Ouya Will Be Just As Secure As Any Other Android-Powered Device."

Matt Gardner
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Uhrman: "Ouya Will Be Just As Secure As Any Other Android-Powered Device."

Ouya's Julie Uhrman has been putting out fires this week, with many commentators (including our own) observing the Kickstarter console project - which smashed its target of $950,000 in under a day - with no small amount of scepticism.

"We've raised enough to build a great product, just as we planned," responded CEO Uhrman, in a statement to Eurogamer. "Part of what we're doing is creating something that shows in gaming 'less is more' -- we don't need custom chips, or expensive first-party games, we just need to make an open system that supports great games. More certainly helps, though: the more we raise, the more we can create a great service for game developers, with better tools, and more gamers for them to reach with their games. More game developers means more, better games - and that's better for gamers."

However, the widely touted "open" nature of the platform, with claims that the console is being "built to be hacked", has raised some concerns over profitability and the ever-present threat of piracy.

"OUYA will be just as secure as any other Android-powered device," Uhrman responded. "In fact, because all the paid content will require authentication with OUYA's servers, we have an added layer of security. Hacking and openness are about getting what you want to do with the hardware. Rooting the device won't give you any more access to the software."

Of course, an open platform that protects its own isn't necessarily a contradiction in terms, but it will be interesting to see just how that works practically. Uhrman pointed towards mobile platforms primarily as examples of sources of relatively open software development, although she was keen to stress that the Ouya was not just a device for playing mobile games on a TV screen.

"We believe many developers will create games especially for Ouya, built for the TV," she went on. "It will be the most open, most straightforward, least costly way for any game developer to get their game on a TV

"We believe many of the franchises that were originally built for mobile - because that's where the developer was able to publish them - will also adapt well to TV's. But Ouya is not about playing mobile games on a TV."

Time will tell. As it stands at the time of writing, the funding total is sitting just under $5 million, and there's still 22 days left.

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hurrakan  Jul. 17, 2012 at 15:29

"paid content will require authentication with OUYA's servers"

That doesn't sound good :(


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