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UI Add-ons Confirmed For WildStar

Carl Phillips
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UI Add-ons Confirmed For WildStar

Taking Player Freedom Beyond Gameplay Mechanics

In a move that seems highly unusual, developer Carbine Studios has confirmed that the User Interface for its upcoming MMORPG WildStar will be support community made Add-ons. As part of their on-going WildStar Wednesday blog posts, Lead Client Engineer Jon Wiseman detailed what to expect from the Apollo UI that players will be able to get hands-on with when the game releases.

“For the last 5 ½ years I've been working here at Carbine on Apollo, the user interface engine for WildStar, which will not only be an XML-based engine that allows you to change the look and layout of the user interface, but is also a Lua-based engine that supports fully customized functionality for that UI.”

As well as regaling his previous (and rather extensive) experience in the industry, the blog post continues with a personal anecdote that explains Wiseman’s approach to the UI (along with a self-confessed “nerdy” chart) and its intended flexibility in regards to customisation. The short version is that coders are going to be able to have themselves some fun in the upcoming Sci-Fi-Western MMO. You can read the blog post in its entirety by clicking here.

The news of Add-ons for the UI suitably fits in with the gameplay approach WildStar is heading for in terms of player freedom, and it will no doubt have kickstarted the coders within the community to start planning what they intend to do. If you have yet to see anything of WildStar, or just fancy stuffing more information in your face, you can take a look at our coverage on Carbine’s upcoming MMO by clicking on the link here.

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