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UKIE: Total UK 2011 Sales Figures Beat Gloomy Projections

Jonathan Lester
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UKIE: Total UK 2011 Sales Figures Beat Gloomy Projections

Though Still Down Over 2010

UKIE has revealed the UK's total videogame sales over the last year, and the results are surprisingly positive. While the £1.42bn we spent on entertainment software, pc and console games is 7% less than 2010's total figure, and the total gross including consoles and peripherals suffered a 13% drop, a massive holiday season push resulted in gloomy analyst projections being beaten across the board. Motion control is still on the rise, while software vastly outstripped hardware in terms of sales and revenue. Our marketplace is defined by games, not consoles, though the PS Vita, Wii U and rumoured next-gen Xbox will doubtlessly seek to separate us from our hard earned cash over the coming months.

More details after the break.

The Christmas period - with its incredible slew of AAA titles - was clearly the driving force behind 2011. Eight of this year's ten best-selling games were released during the fourth quarter sales period, which means that a whopping 51% of annual revenue was generated over the holiday season. 2011's biggest seller was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which broke previous records on release by generating £83m in week 45 and 2m units in 5 days.

Interestingly, while peripheral sales decreased, motion control is on the up. Kinect, Move and the Wii increased their market share from 6.7% to 14.5%, though they're still nowhere near as ubiquitous as Microsoft and Sony would like. Strong sales of Just Dance, Little Big Planet 2 and Forza 4 helped attract new players to the platform.

UKIE Chairman Andy Paine believes that 2012 will be defined by the rise in mobile and cloud gaming, and suggests that the arrival of the PS Vita and gives us plenty to look forward to.

In a year when overall consumer spending was down, 2011 proved to be a better than expected year for the UK’s boxed-product games market. Helped by the launch of many top quality titles, particularly in quarter four, total software sales of £1.42bn was better than many predicted.

2011 still saw some remarkable achievements, including the release of Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’, which exploded into UKIE Games Charts in week 45, 2011 generating £83m and 2m units in the UK over the first 5 days. And of course there was the launch of Nintendo’s 3DS hand-held, giving developers and publishers the chance of finding new and innovative ways to engage audiences.

The industry looks forward to the continued popularity of cloud, mobile and casual platforms in 2012. And we’re also looking forward to the launch of Sony’s new Vita hand-held and the possible UK launch of Nintendo’s Wii U, both of which have the potential to re-ignite the console market, prior to any announcements concerning successors to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3.

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