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UK Games Charts | 20th October 2012

Jonathan Lester
Doom 3: BFG Edition, FIFA 13, Skylanders Giants, UK Games Charts, UK retail

UK Games Charts | 20th October 2012

It seems that giant toys definitely equate to giant sales. Newly-released transmedia RPG Skylanders Giants has smashed its way into 2nd place, edging out even the likes of Dishonored and Just Dance 4. The newly-released Doom 3: BFG Edition also debuts in a strong fifth place, though nothing seems capable of challenging FIFA 13 yet.

Pokemon Black & White 2 are still selling like hot cakes with a gooey black tar heroin centre. We'll have full review of the latest mid-generation titles this week.

As always, click below for the latest UK games charts and links to our reviews.

UK Charts: Week Ending 20th October 2012 (previous chart position in parentheses, links to reviews where appropriate)

  1. FIFA 13 (1)
  2. Skylanders Giants (new)
  3. Dishonored (2)
  4. Just Dance 4 (6)
  5. Doom 3: BFG Edition (new)
  6. Pokemon Black 2 (3)
  7. Resident Evil 6 (4)
  8. Borderlands 2 (8)
  9. Pokemon White 2 (5)
  10. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (7)

Click here for the full top 40, courtesy of UKIE >>

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Breadster  Oct. 22, 2012 at 16:03

Good to see Xcom is managing to just about cling on to the top 10 still. I'm surprised Doom 3 is so high, it's an old ass game and it wasn't that good in the first place imo.

Oh and that line about pokemon is hilarious.

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