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UK Games Charts: 7th March

Felix Kemp
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Killzone 3

UK Games Charts: 7th March

As we speak, thousands of men, women and children of all ages are forcing elemental critters to do gladiatorial battle, with Pokemon Black and White releasing last Friday and taking first and second place in the UK All-Formats Top 40. This leaves EA's eagerly anticipated Fight Night Champion licking its wounds in third, reeling from Nintendo's stunning one-two punch. Just below, Bulletstorm slips two places to fourth, it's 46% drop in sales edging it just above last week's chart topper, Killzone 3, which sinks to fifth with a 58% drop. The rest of the top ten is as follows; 6. Black Ops (3rd last week), 7. Just Dance 2 (5th), 8. Fifa 11 (4th), 9. Dead Space 2 (6th), 10. Wii Party (9th).

The combined sales of Black and White, with the latter just edging out the former to top spot, make this latest release of Pokemon the third biggest launch for Nintendo in the UK, just behind Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii. Bulletstorm showed steely resolve to hold its fall in sales better than Killzone 3, with the pair in an opposite situation just last week. Neither should be too upset, however, as the might of Pokemon is not to be trifled with!

In other news, Black Ops' chart drop to sixth is its lowest yet, with a 54% sales decline. Considering its held firm in the top five for so long, and only just last week became the best-selling PS3 game ever, I doubt Activision will mind. Ubisoft will be happy, however, as Just Dance 2 saw the lowest drop in sales, only 20%, dropping two places to seventh. Fifa and Dead Space saw 40 and 59% drops respectively, their slow but steady descent in the charts continuing.

Lower done in the charts we saw two new entries, with Warhammer 40, 000: Dawn of War 2 - Retribution on the PC sneaking in at 17. Another PC exclusive, Rift, joined in at 19, with respectable figures from each title not taking into account online retailers like Steam. AC: Brotherhood took a plummeting drop from tenth place to twenty first, with sales for Ubisoft's terrific title finally tapering off, whereas Wii Sports Resort bucked the trend - and the weather - to climb one place from 17 to 16. [GFK Chart Track]

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