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All UK PS3 Shipments Seized By Customs After LG Legal Victory

Jonathan Lester
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Blockade Could Cause UK Shortage

All UK PS3 Shipments Seized By Customs After LG Legal Victory

You might think that Sony's battle against the shadowy cabal of hackers are their major legal issue at the moment... but they've got much more serious problems thanks to LG. The electronics concern has won a preliminary injunction against Sony for alleged use of their patented Blu-Ray movie playback technology, meaning that The Hague has ordered European and UK shipments of PS3s to be seized at the border. If the injunction isn't lifted, the UK stock will completely deplete in a matter of weeks. If.

The recent move is a tiny part of a bitter war raging between the two hardware giants, but this is one of the first countersuits to actually stick. The preliminary ruling in LG's favour has caused tens of thousands of PS3 consoles to be confiscated at the UK border for a maximum of ten days... which is now the main target for lawyers on both sides.

Sony are naturally doing their damndest to "frantically" lift the ban, whilst LG's legal team are likely attempting to extend the blockade in order to force a financial settlement from their rivals. The Guardian has learned that UK stocks will run out within three weeks if the embargo lasts that long.

This is also just the first tip of a legal iceberg that also includes United States patents. If Sony loses the case outright, they will be forced to pay compensation for every individual PS3 sold... worldwide... ever. This would result in a multimillion dollar payout and a financial disaster for the company. More as it comes in.

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