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UK Woes For NASCAR 2011 And Two Worlds II?

Jonathan Lester
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UK Woes For NASCAR 2011 And Two Worlds II?

Today brings us a little bad news and an interesting rumour as two anticipated games will possibly never hit British shores (and stores). NASCAR 2011 will only be released Stateside, and industry buzz suggests that TopWare's Two Worlds II will also never release in the UK due to a shipment issue.

Let's start with what we know. Activision have definitively confirmed that NASCAR 2011 will not be released in the UK after a substantial delay. No reason has been given, but we assume that demand for the US-centric sport simply isn't strong enough over here. Drop us a line if you know differently!

All hope is not lost, however. Developer Eutechnyx is looking into producing a region-free version that can be played in Europe and other territories. They may even distribute a UK version themselves if demand proves high enough.

Ultimately, as the distributor, Activision make the call on which territory the game will be released in. However, as a developer we can try and ensure that those wishing to purchase the game outside of the US are still given the opportunity.

We will look into making sure there is no region locking on the game so fans can import the game and if the demand is high enough we may even look into the possibility of distributing the game ourselves in the UK. - Eutechnyx product manager Gregg Baker to Eurogamer

We'll keep you posted.

Our second story is a lot more controversial. TopWare are currently embroiled in an embarrassing scandal over PR manipulation, corruption and bribery... and just to add insult to injury, GAME have now refused to stock Two Worlds II for reasons unknown. Industry retail sources blame a shipment issue for their current woes (as reported by EG), but since GAME are ostensibly the only UK retailer to have forged a solid trading relationship with TopWare, this could well put paid to any hope of it reaching our green and pleasant land.

Regardless, you can probably expect more delays.  More as we hear it.

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