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Uncharted 2 £27.89 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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Uncharted 2 £27.89 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

It may not have won the Bafta but for a great many people Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was THE game of the year for 2009. This might explain why it has held its price so well and how dips below the £25 mark are so frustratingly rare, in fact it's still unusual to see the game for less than £30.

Simply Games are currently offering the best price for the game at £27.89. The next best deal is at £29.85 from Shop To, so buying from Simply Games will save you at least £2.

Adrenaline junkie Nathan Drake is on the trail of ancient artifact the Cintamani stone, uncovering the secrets of Marco Polo's doomed final voyage along the way. The plot is engaging and perfectly paced, unwinding around the action very satisfyingly and in such a way that adds to the game's cinematic blockbuster feel.

It's no surprise that Among Thieves has had heaped spoonfuls of lavish praise sprinkled all over it. The graphics are pristine, the combat is varied, fun and very solid, there's plenty to explore and discover, the pacing is excellent and there are some great multiplayer options to play around with.Uncharted 2 £27.89 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

It's not massively different from the original Uncharted but that's not to say it isn't an improvement; everything has been tweaked and polished and Among Thieves is therefore a better game than Drake's Fortune in almost every way. There are very few complaints to be made, occasionally the cover system can let you down and some of the rules governing your exploration seem a bit random but beyond that there is virtually nothing to get upset about.

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