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From Uncharted 3 to the New Nintendo DS - News Roundup 18th January

Marius Goubert

Today’s news roundup sees Nolan North continuing to dominate the headlines over claims that Naughty Dog will be getting down to Uncharted 3 sometime this year. Things turn ugly between former EA exec Mitch Lasky and EA's current communications boss Jeff Brown in a furious war of words over the company's corperate strategy. Lastly, both Nintendo and Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun are refusing to budge over an apparent misinterpretation regarding the new Nintendo DS.

Nolan North Hints at Uncharted 3

From Uncharted 3 to the New Nintendo DS - News Roundup 18th January

Nolan North’s attempts to make it as an on screen actor might have ended prematurely after he was booted off a failing soap opera but, just like Mark Hamill, it turns out that video game voiceovers have been his saving grace. And although North recently laid into fellow game actors who accused the industry of offering ‘unfair compensation’ in an interview with Gamerpro – reported here on Dealspwn on Saturday – he has also hinted at plans by developer Naughty Dog to begin work on Uncharted 3 this year.

Naughty Dog have said in the past that there is much more to come from Uncharted and that "lots of adventures" still lay in store for Nathan Drake. This will certainly be great news for North who told GamerPro just what an incredible job working as a video game actor really was, "I'm constantly waiting to be found out; for someone to say, 'Jig's up! You're having too much fun!' If they don't figure it out, I'm putting 'He got away with it' on my tombstone." He also told GamerPro how he finds anonymity such a blessing and how ‘terrible’ it must be for Brad Pitt because of all that unwanted attention. Yeah, just makes your heart bleed doesn’t it? [IGN

EA exec responds to Lasky slagging

From Uncharted 3 to the New Nintendo DS - News Roundup 18th January

Things are really kicking off between X-EA executive Mitch Lasky, who recently wrote a tirade of criticisms against his former company for following a ‘bankrupt strategy’, and EA’s communication boss Jeff Brown. Brown hit back at Lasky’s accusations that EA’s aims are hopelessly flawed by saying ‘Mitch needs to try decaff’. He then went on to accuse Lasky of just blowing off steam because he lost out on a CEO position to John Riccitiello: ‘It's never easy being turned down for a job but most people don’t spend three years obsessing about it.’

Brown then went onto say, "Since Mitch left EA, Apple invented the iPhone, Facebook evolved to include a gaming platform and EAMobile became the world leader."  With the whole thing about to erupt into a full blown flame war, it has to be said that Lasky and Brown are starting to assume the character of a pair of last-word-freaks rowing on an internet forum. We wait with trepidation for round two. [PlayTM]

Newspaper stands by new DS report

From Uncharted 3 to the New Nintendo DS - News Roundup 18th January

In another dispute which has been causing a bit of a fracas in the game’s industry,  Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun has refused to accept claims made by Nintendo that it ‘misinterpreted’ comments about the new DS. Apparently quoting the exact words of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the paper stated "[The new DS will have] highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing." But despite the paper’s insistence that this statement is 100% accurate, Nintendo maintain it was a  ‘misinterpretation’. [Eurogamer]

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