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Undead Labs: State Of Decay Multiplayer Patch "Unlikely"

Jonathan Lester
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Undead Labs: State Of Decay Multiplayer Patch "Unlikely"

Though State Of Decay is a phenomenal singleplayer experience, its open world and multiple characters have caused many players to wonder whether cooperative multiplayer will be patched in after the fact. Don't hold your breath.

"There was no promise", reads a tweet from Undead Labs. "We said we wanted to [implement co-op], it killed us to cut it, and we had hopes for the future. Those things are all true."

"But I don't know what the future holds, and it is looking unlikely right now", the feed continued as more fans joined the debate. However, Undead Labs may well decide to include co-op in their next title, explaining that the team all have experience at designing multiplayer games.

Personally, I feel that multiplayer would actually compromise State Of Decay. The feeling of isolation and being singlehandedly responsible for every survivor in your charge is uniquely powerful, and would be neutered with other players running around talking about whatever was on TV last night. Let's wait for firm confirmation of the promised PC version before worrying too much about the specifics, eh?

I awarded Undead Labs' staggeringly ambitious zombie survival game 8/10 and an Editor's Choice award in our State Of Decay review.

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