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Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo Will Possibly Become A Full Game

Jonathan Lester
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'Samaritan' Will Influence Next-Gen Hardware

Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo Will Possibly Become A Full Game

Epic Games rocked our socks off at GDC with their "Samaritan" tech demo trailer. Their next generation of the trusty Unreal Engine is looking absolutely incredible, and Epic boss Mark Rein suggests that the demo could well inspire a full title. Failing that, the tech will help to shape the next generation of consoles.

When asked about whether the Samaritan trailer (featuring its moody mustachioed smoking protagonist) could become a full game by 1UP, Epic VP Mark Rein suggested that it was "possible," but nothing is in development as yet. If anything, it could well end up as an easter egg in another Epic title.

I'm not going to deny that that's possible, but at the same time, if we hadn't had built that technology demo, then we wouldn't have been able to build Gears of War. It's like, once we build a technology demo and learn how to do things a certain way, it then enables us to do more of that. So I don't want to deny that such a scenario is possible, but it's not currently [happening].

Remember we built a demo many years before that which was a 'high end Unreal Engine 2 demo' where we had a character rip the arm off another character and beat him with it? That content ended up appearing as some sort of extra free content.

However, the tech demo's importance doesn't stem from its potential as a triple-A release. Epic were instrumental at persuading Microsoft to adopt more technology when designing the Xbox 360, and Rein has confirmed that first-party console and game manufacturers have already been privately shown the tech demo. In order, we assume, to make sure that their next consoles can hack it.

I mean, at some point in time, they're going to build new hardware. It's as simple as that - that's just the way things work.

So I think it's good for them to have things like this to show what the software developers are ready to produce.

Considering that the Gears Of War tech demo convinced Microsoft to use 512MB of RAM rather than 256MB, there's no doubt that Epic's Samaritan will dictate the capabilities of the next generation of Xbox. [1UP]

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