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Up To 16 Cities In A Region For SimCity

Carl Phillips
Cities, EA, Maxis, PC games, SimCity

Up To 16 Cities In A Region For SimCity

New Screenshot Shows Regions In Action

There has been plenty of talk up about how SimCity will be a connected experience when it releases in March, but up until now we had no idea how many cities could join together in a region. As of this morning we now have an answer – 16. This mean that whether you aim to play on your own, with friends, or with random players from around the world, you’ll be able to join up 16 cities in your city-planning escapades. To illustrate this, Maxis have released a new screenshot (which is above & can be embiggened) which highlights how the region view will work, how the social aspect is implemented, and how players will be able to see what resources are available in each city.

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the next iteration of SimCity, but in case you’ve missed it all you can check out all of our previous coverage by clicking here.

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Tsung  Dec. 12, 2012 at 15:06

16 Cities, but what are the smaller circles on the map? They are connected by roads, so maybe the number is 16 cities, 4 towns?

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