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Upcoming Stress Test For WildStar Announced

Carl Phillips
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WildStar | PC

Upcoming Stress Test For WildStar Announced

“I Challenge You: Come And Break My Servers”

It is common knowledge that the closed beta for WildStar has been in action for the last month, but last night developers Carbine Studios announced that a stress test for the upcoming MMORPG is on its way. Live producer Craig Turner took to the official website to detail his role in the process, explain what exactly would be happening, and issued a challenge for players go and break the game’s servers.

It’s time to turn our poor little Beta Server into a clown car. We have been taking Beta Registrations for some time now, and we are going to be inviting a lot of people to come play WildStar for one weekend only in our first Stress Test.

Now before you get too excited about this, there was a reason Community wanted me to tell our fans about this test. As much as I want everyone to have a great time playing WildStar, this stress test is the one exception to the rule. This Stress Test is likely going to be rough. Going back to the clown car example; if a car usually seats 4 adults comfortably, I’m going to see if that thing can still drive with people hanging out of the windows and their faces pushed up against the glass.

The post goes on to explain why proceedings might be rough – the game (in its current state, at least) does not have a server queue. With the plan to find out how many players it takes to break the servers, the ultimate goal is to make the game “playable for all of you.” The bright side for testers that remain diligent throughout the stress test weekend is that they will definitely be called up for access to the closed beta.

Although the original post suggested that the stress test would happen this weekend, it was later confirmed that no date has been set so far with word to be sent via social media as soon as a time is set in stone. Turner closed the post with one last message: “if you want to get a sneak peek at what we are building for you here with WildStar in spite of all of that, then I challenge you: come and break my servers.” If you’re interested in giving this trial by fire a go, you can sign up for a beta spot by heading over to the official website.

In addition to all of this, lead narrative designer Chad Moore took to Twitter to hint that more information regarding WildStar is on its way, but was keeping mum on the details. Whatever that ends up being, we here at Dealspwn will keep you posted on any new developments.

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Kilken  Dec. 7, 2013 at 01:47

Can't even Make a character! lol

Vladimirio  Feb. 14, 2014 at 17:10

Can't even Make a character! lol
Yeah it crashes when i get into character creation

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