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Blast From The Past | Uplink

Matt Gardner
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Blast From The Past | Uplink

I've been playing something of a classic of late. More so than any other game in the past month, the last week or two has been utterly dominated by furiously engaging in duplicitous hacking activities, crippling multinational conglomerates, ruthlessly emptying bank accounts on the other side of the world, and placing the blame for my nefarious activities on the shoulders of my peers and colleagues.

Introversion finally ported Uplink to the iPad, and it's still just as good as it was over a decade ago.

It's a triumph of functional design, you see - a high concept game that has you taking on the mantle of a bedroom hacker, breaking your way into computers systems of one company on the orders of another in return for large sums of cash that can be used to upgrade your own software and hardware, and allow you to take on bigger targets.

Blast From The Past | Uplink

Much like rotoscoped films and Jet Li, Uplink doesn't seem to have aged. It is, in fact, a whole paradoxical bundle of timelessness, with its economic interface and constant telephone bleeps a retro throwback to the early days of the internet and dial-up hacking, yet set in a 2010 future that sees 8-core CPUs (pretty realistic) running at 200 GHz (hahahahaha), with quantum units of memory that we can't really fathom yet.

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