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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Designed With Episodic Release "In Mind"

Jonathan Lester
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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Designed With Episodic Release "In Mind"

But Ultimately A "Business Decision"

Valiant Hearts: The Great War will tell five interlacing World War One stories based on real letters and events, tied together by a heroic dog who never takes sides. This might sound like a perfect framework for an episodic format, with each character a single episode, and the small internal Ubisoft team are apparently approaching development with that firmly in mind.

"The way we've constructed the story is with that in mind," Ubisoft Montpellier's Adrian Lacey told Dealspwn.com at a recent preview session, when I asked whether they're release character storylines as individual episodes. "After that, it's a business decision, it's how people want to play - how the consumer wants it. Today, it's all about them, it's not about us any more. It's not what we want to do, it's about them.

"What we've created is a story that can either be broken up into episodes or chapters or not. It's up to the business side of things or for people to decide how they want to play it. If they want to buy the whole story of twelve hours or want to buy it in sections, it's up to them."

Choice is great, and we love seeing developers trying out different business models. The final decision will ultimately be up to Ubisoft. We'll have a Valiant Hearts: The Great War preview ready for your eager delectation very soon, explaining how the visually striking puzzler plans to tease out the humanity behind the World War One carnage.

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