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A Valley Without Wind Sequel Announced - Will Be Free For Existing Players

Jonathan Lester
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A Valley Without Wind Sequel Announced - Will Be Free For Existing Players

Arcen Games has announced that the sensational platformer hybrid A Valley Without Wind will be receiving a full sequel. Existing customers will get it for free, while newcomers can buy both games for the price of one.

Is this awesome? Yes. A Valley Without Wind 2 promises a new isometric world to explore, improved procedural generation, an expanded city building element, unique characters, classes and more. We've got the details below.

Arcen's Chris Park took to the blog to announce the news in a comprehensively detailed post. Here are a few excerpts for your convenience:

Completely new enemies. At the moment, 120 have been designed and are scheduled for art and programming, but not all will be available right at first beta. They have a lot more variety of designs both artistically and in terms of gameplay, and they are in general a lot smaller and thus something you can get more up close and personal with. In general the feel is closer to a Metroid game or similar in terms of the scale of enemies (whereas previously in AVWW1 the enemies were 4x to 8x larger than in Metroid in many cases).

Completely new procedural generation methods. We'll be using a "slices" methodology to create undergrounds, interiors, and exteriors. This basically uses pieces of chunks that are created by hand in a level editor and then assembled and populated randomly. Although enemy placement will be done by the 11 broad classes of enemy, and thus will be hand-done. That way you'll get much more interesting and unique scenarios with enemies compared to what you did in the first game.

Huuuuge new citybuilding game that ties everything together. This is much more descended from Actraiser now. Keith and I spent four days on skype designing out the new game, and this was one of the biggest topics. The new citybuilding game uses dozens of buildings on the map that you capture, and some of which you can convert into other building types. You can give your survivors orders, and they gain skills in five skill categories based on what missions you send them on.

No more permadeath. The oblivion crystals prevent you from dying, and instead bring you back from the dead anytime you die. Your survivors can (and will) still die permanently, however. The overlord and his other henchmen also have oblivion crystals, however, so they are literally invincibile also. They can be killed same as you, but they'll come back to life and return to fight another day if you defeat them. You'll face the henchmen several times and defeat them several times on your quest to beat the overlord, but if you see the overlord before the end of the game (which will happen from time to time) you had better run instead of trying to fight him.

Class System. There are five overall tiers of mage classes, and you'll unlock each of them as you play through the game. The first tier you start out with, and you can choose from among 5 randomized mage classes to play as. Overall there are 10 mage classes per tier, and so each playthrough is a bit different as you have different options each time. Each player in multiplayer also has their own randomized set of classes, too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so definitely hit up Arcen Games to read the rest.

We saw past A Valley Without Wind's rough edges to discover an absolutely sensational game when it released in April, praising it as "unprecedented, unbelievable and inexplicable" in our 9/10 review.

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