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A Valley Without Wind Gets Massive Content Update

Jonathan Lester
A Valley Without Wind, Arcen Games, Indie Games, Patch, PC games

A Valley Without Wind Gets Massive Content Update

Is an infinitely big procedurally-generated world just not big enough for you? Do you need hundreds more rooms, more enemies, bosses, missions, elites, spells and enchants? If so, A Valley Without Wind's latest patch (v. 1.1) has got what's yours. Arcen Games' innovative genre-bending platform/RPG/adventure game is now even larger, which is doubly impressive since we described it as "enormous, life-affirming and brilliant" in our 9/10 review.

The patch is now live on Steam, and we've got a trailer and patch notes after the break.

  • Over 160 new room maps.
  • 15 new regular enemies
  • 8 new minibosses
  • 16 new "elite" enemies (plus the idea of elites at all)
  • 5 classes of infestations (plus the idea of infestations at all)
  • A new "craggy highlands" region/biome type.
  • 8 new music tracks
  • 5 new classes of player enchants
  • 3 new player spells
  • Substantial rebalancement of most player spells.
  • The ability to give "wait here" orders to NPCs in rescue missions.x
  • Larger and more intricate continent designs.
  • Rebalanced and stremlined strategic flow.
  • No more Civilization Progress (CP) in favor of better mechanics.
  • One central in-game currency rather than six.
  • A new "Opal Guardian Store" in settlements.
  • Loot drops from trash mobs, for use at the opal store.
  • A better enchant-based system of upgrades in place of upgrade stones.
  • New Feet enchant slot, splitting out items from the Legs slot.
  • Streamlined character selection/creation process.
  • Unique attributes for characters by time period.
  • More enchant-like unique attributes for every individual character.
  • Heavily revised and rebalanced existing missions to player feedback.
  • New Freefall and Boss Delve mission types.
  • More rewards from doing secret missions.
  • No penalties/drawbacks from doin world map missions.
  • More gradual ramp-up in difficulty of the harder mission types.
  • New spell scroll that you can find and use to turn yourself into tiny t-rex.
  • A "shopping list" system helping you to keep track of your self-set goals.
  • Many improvements to the existing planning menu in general.
  • Smaller, more fun lieutenant towers filled with infestations.
  • Texture pack support.
  • Smoother minimap exploration.
  • More fun and threatening windstorm mechanics.
  • Many new multiplayer admin commands (largely anti-griefing-related).
  • Vastly more fun ocean exploration.
  • Minor continent-wide bonuses from building settlement structures.
  • Longer durations on continent-wide guardian power scroll uses.
  • Filtering to the enchants inventory for vastly easier management of many enchants.
  • Improved elemental strengths/weaknesses for enemies in general.
  • Much better (completely randomized) elemental strengths/weaknesses for bosses).
  • 7 new achievements


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