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A Valley Without Wind Trailered And Totally Revamped

Jonathan Lester
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A Valley Without Wind Trailered And Totally Revamped

Arcen Games, the indie powerhouse behind hit 4X space strategy sim AI War: Fleet Command, has been hard at work on an innovative procedurally-generated adventure game for many months now. They've dropped us a line to let us know how the project is progressing... and as well as a shiny new trailer, they've revealed that A Valley Without Wind has evolved into a completely wild and unpredictable beast. A new side-scrolling focus should create a more immediate sense of immersion as opposed to the top-down perspective, and we have the details below.

In case you're unaware of the premise, A Valley Without Wind promises to deliver a deep survival adventure game set set in the harsh ice age of year 888. Exploring the wilderness will bring your characters into contact with fellow survivors and lost technology - and the fact that the game world is procedurally generated should provide near-limitless scope for replayability and non linear decision-making. A new network of caves and tunnels will provide an extra dimension to delve through on top of the blighted landscapes above the ground.

A Valley Without Wind has now reached the alpha stage, and Arcen Games have announced that the action has switched to a side-scrolling perspective (in stark contrast to the original top-down camera view) in order to better visually portray the varied environments.

The change from top down to side view is a significant leap forward; taking the game out of the prototype state, and moving it into a state of fun. Visually, everything is much more striking without any actual retooling to the backgrounds and objects themselves, and there is now a sense of enjoyment in playing, even with the limited gameplay. - Eric Johnson, Arcen Games

Feast your eyes on the new trailer, which is best viewed at 1080p if your connection will allow.

A Valley Without Wind is set to enter beta this August, and we'll let you know how it's shaping up.

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